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Social Media sites come up in the first page of search results.

Your customers don’t always get on social media with shopping on their mind. By the same token, every interaction you have with your customer base shouldn’t be an advertisement. Through careful writing and strategy, we can make your brand part of the conversations your customer base naturally has, every day.

We make posts that gets passed around by merits of its content alone, with exposure to your brand as a strategic by-product. We strive to make your pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest an asset onto themselves rather than a mouthpiece for your company. Customers will come for the engaging content, and stay for the reliability and consistency of that content.


We're Social by design

Are your social media pages going without updates?

Are your followers not responding to your posts?

We can create likes for your page, that in turn make you popular on social sites. We provide content that gets responses and interactions. We also write sponsored ads that you can run on Facebook, Tumbler, and other sites.

We work with you to create messaging – content that is not out to advertise, but rather to share your informed perspective as a contribution to your field. This content will boost your views and customer confidence, and is an asset to any online presence.

As a firm with traditional and contemporary media experience, we have access to research that has determined the specific length and structure needed for maximum responses. Put our knowledge to work for you to get your social media presence current and relevant. These days, everybody has buttons linking to their social media pages. Make yours the kind that people follow without persuasion, with the help of Seattle Advertising.

Social Media sites come up in the first page of search results. At Seattle Advertising we make yours the kind that gets followers and conveys your brand identity. We create content, integrate your pages with all your other platforms. We look after your pages so your content is up-to-date and engaging, bringing you closer to your customers than ever before.

  • We write posts that will get your followers talking.
  • We make your pages a place people will visit even when they’re not thinking about your company.
  • We convey humanity and reliability to your customers.
  • We make it convenient for viewers to see your special offers.
  • We put your conversations in the same place as your customers’ conversations, and make them just as interesting.
  • We let your customers know your company is active.

To make friends, you have to tell a good story

We secure ownership of social media profiles in your company’s name. We then establish a schedule of updates, and write ahead for articles to be published. These posts may link back to article in your company’s blog, a landing page, or any article that will get your fans talking. This is an ongoing task, as fans expect regular updates from social media pages, and to account for current events. We handle every aspect of the post, from the accompanying graphics to comment moderation, keeping your page vivid and on-track.

We watch for and utilize user contributions so it doesn’t all come from us, making your pages truly social. We reach out to users in your circle with something to say – whether praises or concerns – so your social media page doesn’t just seem like a company brochure. We see your page into the future as you gain likes and followers.

Fusing commercial enterprise with social media can be challenging – but without stepping up, your competition will leave you in the dust.

Measuring Social

As a result, you will see your customer base expand to places you might not have ever expected. Customers will have more confidence to talking with you, since the conversation has already started.

We hope we’ve given you enough confidence to start your conversation with us as we’d love to hear your story. Inbox us today for a social media plan you’re sure to like and follow.

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The new reaches of your market community are yours to enjoy. And your continued partnership as you grow is ours to enjoy.

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