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Mobile Advertising

Big impressions on small screens.

Mobile advertising puts you where your customers are, wherever they are.

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Mobile Advertising.

Mobile advertising is an expansive world.

Mobile advertising isn’t a matter of scaling down banner ads. It’s about creating a seamless experience with a host app people actually use. Let your brand be the purveyor of engaging content that will garner taps. Our programs will get you ad space on the most widely-used apps. Target tech-savvy customers in your relevant market area in unprecedented ways through contextual platforms. Let your customer’s phone do the legwork of bringing you their profile, and focus your marketing budget on the people who care, and who are as up-to-date as you are.

2014 was the year that web content viewed through mobile apps surpassed that viewed through desktop computers. You’ve got your eyes on the future, and we’re right there with you. We can make your mobile ad presence happen.


Mobile Advertising Services | Seattle Advertising Agency

Our Approach

Wondering how you can get your ad on mobile apps?

Looking for the smartest, most relevant platform for your content?

Web content is now more widely seen on mobile devices than on desktop computers and standard browsers.

Our agency works with the top mobile ad exchanges to get your messages to the exact areas where you’re looking to expand your business. Geographical location, demographic profile, interests – mobile advertising methods can target the right customers like none other. Advertisers on mobile apps have to take special care to stay clickable and relevant. They also have to generate content for more platforms. Seattle Advertising will take those risks, knowing it’ll all be well worth it once you see that big boost in sales.

If not written carefully, ads may make customers wonder if you’re up to date. If they see a mobile ad from you while using their favorite app, there’ll be no question. Make the jump to your customers’ pockets, purses, and hands, with a living mobile extension of your brand’s presence.

At Seattle Advertising we make strategic choices on which of the thousands of apps your presence is best suited for. In addition to the platform, we choose the ideal times your message should air, and to which users. Taking into consideration the user behaviors of the app, we tailor ads that users feel comfortable tapping on, and that don’t detract from the use of the app. We optimize your advertisements for mobile viewing, then get your ads seen in the apps most widely enjoyed by users in your customer profile.

  • We build content with the app experience in mind.
  • We have access to top ad exchanges.
  • We conform to the app developer’s visual standards to your ad won’t feel out of place.
  • We convey your market needs to the ad exchanges for targeted campaigns.
  • We get your ads into a medium that never leaves your customer’s side.
  • We highlight your firm’s relevancy and up-to-date status with our expertise of the most in-demand advertising medium.

True mobile-first strategy

Mobile advertising is an expansive world. There are as many different advertising strategies as there are apps. In our mobile advertising strategy, we focus on two classes of apps – those everyone uses, and the more specialized ones your customer base would use. There’s no blanket strategy for mobile advertising. A keen understanding of each app’s experience is crucial to crafting the mobile ad – a mixture of branding and app content.

Once the content is created, we work with ad exchanges to get your message delivered to the right people at the right times. It’s why mobile advertising is in demand. Through access to your customer’s profile and habits, ad exchanges give you the opportunity to hone your customer base like no other. It’s how we protect your investment against wasteful impressions.

Once we get your ad to the exchanges, you can rest confident knowing that your message is reaching the screen your users are looking at the most.

How much of your local competition is running mobile ads? Stay current and competitive by getting on all the right screens.

Maximizing impact

New apps come along every day, and existing ones tend to get frequent facelifts. We monitor the results of your mobile ad campaigns and make the right adjustments, for a quickly changing platform.

Once your ad is live, we stay with it. We test it to make sure they look great on any device your customer may use.

In need of exposure that really matters? Go mobile with us!

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