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Blog Expands to Work with More Brands

Julian by

The big lip-syncing application known as was acquired by Chinese media company, Bytedance, in November 2017 with the goal of boosting ad dollars by using small influencer-based campaigns. They are expanding the platform by doing more than just lip sync videos and plan to use content partnerships by doing custom content creation and co-creation of assets. New Advertising Plan The new ad products include what will be known as the #HashtagChallenge, where brands will challenge their followers to make response videos to their initial video. Advertisers see this as the most interactive advertising product on the table, as it allows users to watch an entire ad and creatively post about the brand. This advertising method will not only reach the brand's followers but the users' following as well, and possibly have an exponential growth with impressions. They are also creating stills and GIFs to redirect users to a brands…

3 Ways to Keep Clients Coming Back

Jen Newmastir by

It has been said before that the hardest clients to retain are the ones that come back. The success of your business is directly tied to your clients. Without your clientele, you just have a good idea or product (maybe it’s not even that good) that you are trying to share with a black hole. With that in mind, it is crucial to understand how to keep your clients satisfied and what you must be offering for them to come back. In the business world, it is a well-known fact that the cost of acquiring new clients is significantly higher than that of retaining current ones. Wooing someone and selling them onto the idea of your business is an elaborate dance that requires many hours of manpower (regardless if it is in person, or building systems on the backend). Repeat clients are also the ones who will be providing referrals…

Digital vs Print Advertising

Kate by

The decision to do an advertising campaign can be a pivotal point for a business. Now that you have that out of the way, the next big question is should you go with a digital campaign or a print campaign? Many of you are probably wondering why we would even ask that question because it seems obvious that digital is the way to go. With digital you can reach more people for less money. On one hand, you are very correct in this assumption. However, there is another angle we must examine. Lately the word around town is that “print media is dying.” This is true in the sense that it is no longer consumed in the same ways. However, it is still consumed and there is an audience for it. When considering print media campaigns, you may be thinking about an ad in the newspaper or a magazine. Traditional…

Advertise in Green - St. Patrick's Day Digital Party

Audie by

Advertise in Green - St. Patrick's Day Digital Party There’s never a better time to implement a great marketing campaign than around holidays. Holidays seem to be tailor-made for memorable marketing, so there’s no better moment than right now to set up a clever strategy set around St. Patrick's day. Yes, yes we know that the holiday is known for its boozy ways, but there’s no reason you can’t throw a fun party for your audience without the booze. As with any advertising campaigns, it’s important to think outside the box and get creative in order to see a campaign take flight. The very nature of St. Patrick's day is connected to the concept of a festive spirit and overall joyful celebrations. With that in mind, why not throw a St. Patrick’s party digitally? Here are three tips for throwing the perfect St. Patrick’s Party on social media. 1. Lucky…

Super Bowl = Super Advertising

Audie by

The Pats + The Eagles = SUPERBIG ADVERTISING   Beantown vs. Philly: Epic Beef of the Northeast The Patriots are playing the Eagles in Super Bowl 52 in Minnesota this fantastic year of 2018! Former underdog versus current underdog. This game smacks of the excitement reminiscent of the time when players were known by both their names like Donovan McNabb, Peyton Manning, and Allen Iverson (yes, Iverson played basketball - but he's a memory bliss tool). Now names like Brady, Gronk and O'Dell are chanted by little boys and their moms in speeding SUVs. Not only is this an epic northeastern “Battle Royale” between the City of Brotherly Love and Beantown, those who tune in will witness the most hilarious, intelligent and expensive commercials made by mankind to date. Each year, viewers are blown away by the witty little skits that have were born from selling soap to housewives. These…

Is a Superbowl Ad what your business needs?

Audie by

People from all walks of life rely on advertising in order to promote their business. Whether this involves a small business or one that is not so small, advertising is a key component of finding success. As a direct result, many larger corporations attempt to advertise during major events like the Super Bowl. If that is the goal of a corporation, there are a number of things that need to be looked at in order to ensure that they are marketing their business in a well-rounded manner. These things involve digital marketing, branding and social media. Digital MarketingThe days of advertising solely through business cards, print ads or even radio spots are over. That doesn't necessarily mean that these avenues of marketing are not so effective, but it does mean that in order for a business to realize its full potential, it is now necessary to focus on traditional as…

Significance of Social Media

Audie by

Just like the rest of the world, I am sure social media has had an impact on your life. Social media is an inexpensive tool that bring together technology and social interaction by utilizing words. People like you access social media via the world wide web, whether it be on a computer or mobile device. These social media sites include websites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. Social media gives business owners a method of communicating with peers, customers, and potential customers. Customers get to see the personal side of you, your business, and your product, so they can feel like they have a connection with you and what you are selling. A social media presence is not just for small businesses. If you are under the impression that social media is made just for small business owners, that is just not true. Some very well-known businesses like Dunkin’…

Twitter Automation

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Marketing automation is rarely spamming If you use the internet today, you've undoubtedly seen spam on your profiles. Some Seattle business owners assume that because someone uses automation that what they're doing is spam. This is a big misconception and is completely untrue. Although sometimes what you're seeing is actually spam, other times it's a brilliant company leveraging new technology. Companies integrate marketing automation because it allows them to better their interaction with you!  Big social media players support ethical automation First, it's important to understand that with automation implementation comes a whole new set of rules and policies that companies must abide by. All the rules are very straightforward. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and more create the rules. The rules of automation are based on actual laws, and whatever else they feel like betters their community's user experience. Using marketing automation isn't going to put your accounts…

Changes in Digital Marketing

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It is important for any company that desires to grow and expand this decade, to always invest time and energy into developing effective marketing or advertisement methods. Not only is it important for your potential clients to have a knowledge of the service or product that your company offers, but it is also equally necessary to efficiently spread the word about your services. Back in the day, advertising used to be done in a very different way, as people were accustomed to reading newspapers and seeing posters as they walked down the street. These days marketing and advertising has taken a digital turn and is largely controlled by an online presence. In this era, people get their information from the Internet, and spend a majority of their time both shopping and socializing on online sites. For corporations who want to be successful in their advertising methods, they must use their…
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