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What Can Digital Marketing & Advertising Do For You?

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Today's world of business is taking off to great heights, as many different sectors are taking an incredible amount of advantage of what the Internet is providing for them. Due to the Internet providing a tremendous amount of opportunities for just about any business, in the sense that they can essentially reach out to anyone from across the world, it is becoming a highly recommended course of action for all entrepreneurs, partnerships, and corporations to take. 

Digital marketing enables people from all over the world to come together and connect in ways that wouldn't have necessarily been made possible without this particular form of engineering. Digital marketing lets people see what they have visited the website to in order to learn; however, unless they actually search for the term(s) and/or phrase(s) pertaining to the digital advertising that is presented on said website(s), the user usually will not be able to find it, thus, search engine optimization is also a crucial element of digital advertising. 

Digital marketing can consist of both photos and/or videos embedded onto websites. By allowing users to sign up for certain memberships in which they can be updated about certain types of news, blogs, articles, or any other types of data pertaining to any subject in particular, a website can achieve just about any goal they may have set. Such goals for most websites is to not only generate as many leads as possible, but also to bring visitors back for more than one visit. The ultimate goal for any website owner who may be implementing digital advertising into the designing elements of their website should be to turn visitors into members. If you have happened to just open a business and have considered creating a website for it, then it is highly recommended for you to implement digital forms of marketing and advertising into them. 

The Internet is greatly evolving, and perhaps one of the most interesting aspects about it is that the majority of the world is now utilizing it for so many different purposes. One can do just about anything with the Internet. They can practically live out of their home, as one can have just about anything delivered to their place of residence as well. Mobile services are placing a considerable amount of importance on their customers and their needs, thus, making digital forms of marketing and advertising a key element of the entire process of generating leads to the webpage(s).


4 Small Business Inbound Digital Marketing Benefits

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In small business, we can at times, be at a disadvantage when we decide to not use digital marketing. This why using it is so important in today's ever-changing digital market. To be more competitive we must first realize that there are many benefits that come with its use.

It Can Save Your Business Money

What business does not like saving money? When we use inbound digital marketing, leads are easily generated for a lot less money. 

This is a great benefit for small businesses especially for those that don't have a big budget. As well as maintaining efficiency by knowing exactly where every dollar is being spent. 

It Builds Lasting Connections

We need to remember that inbound marketing's main goal is to connect with and establish connections with all customers. But that doesn't mean we stop once we obtain their business, we have to continue to connect with them so we can establish trust.

The best examples of this include the use of SEO and blogging.

Blogging allows perfect content to be introduced by utilizing SEO. This provides the ability to reach customers. At first, we will only notice a little bit of traffic after using SEO, which is ok because implementing SEO can be a slow process at first. But after some time, we will begin to notice that the amount of customers has steadily increased in a matter of months. This is mainly due to the fact that your site's ranking will also increase causing a continuous amount of traffic and new customers.

Customers Are Reached Instantly

Using inbound digital marketing also allows your small business to reach customers instantly. This is especially true if social media is utilized for business purposes. Having friends share your business page will eventually if not have customers reaching out for the services that you provide.

Popularity And Brand Recognition Is Obtainable

Building brand recognition can seem like a tough job at first and can seem almost impossible without inbound marketing. This is why it is so important to use it to raise awareness of the products that are being offered. It allows us to spread the word and the more that people hear the company name, the more likely customers will check it out for themselves.

We can use many tools to build brand recognition too. These include PPC, slideshows, infographics, SEO, blog posts, and social media. These tools can quickly get the word out and in front of the right customer base. The customers can then be educated about what your brand offers. 

This will, in the long run, show customers that you are an authority in the goods and services that you provide. Going this route will not only undoubtedly make a huge impact on your companies sales but, will also keep the sales rolling in.


5 Keys for Increasing Client Engagement on Your Website

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In order to get more traffic and more sales, you have to be engaging the visitors on your website on a consistent basis. When your website is boring and unappealing, why would anyone want to hang around much less interact with the content? The following 5 digital marketing tips for increasing client engagement are a breeze to implement and will have a huge positive impact on your traffic and sales.

1. Increasing Your Global Reach
Start by adding more of the content that your readers are interested in. If you are promoting fitness products in Seattle WA, search Google Trends each day to see what the masses are talking about in the Northwest. Then all you do is write or have someone write a 700 word article on that subject and drop it on your website. As far as digital advertising, head over to a few discussion groups related to your niche and link your signature to your new content. As long as you include the right keywords, it will get ranked and bring in some fresh new eyes.

2. The Power of Social Media
On the subject of those new articles that you are posting, make sure that you are including social share buttons with each. The name of the game with digital marketing is spreading the word, and those social buttons make it easy for a new visitor to continue the conversation by getting their inner circle involved. This way, once you have done the heavy lifting, your readers will shoulder some of the load and increase your internet reach.

3. Giving Your Visitors a Voice
Each time you post anything on your website, make certain there is a section for customer comments. Whether the visitor can comment on a topic or rate a service, the more interaction means the more the search engine spiders will be crawling to see what all the excitement is about. This also gives future visitors some insight into your business from the perspective of those not employed by your company.

4. Giving Away the Farm
The key to digital advertising is giving away more in value than you take in money. If you can find a free e-book or PDF on fitness tips in Seattle WA, as long as you have the rights, offer it as a free gift to your audience in return for their e-mail address. Now you can start sending them personalized messages with things they may be interested in down the road.

5. Feedback is Essential
The power of suggestion can't be underestimated when it comes to your website. Just like a suggestion box at a local land-based business, having a section in the navigation bar of your website for visitors to suggest items or content for your website is a gold mine. Offer a special promo-code on discounted merchandise as a thanks for a visitor taking time to offer you help in growing your business and global reach.

These five tips for increasing your website traffic and client engagement won't take long to begin to show the fruits of that labor. Just stick to the plan and make sure that you are taking action each day to increase that traffic.


Social Media: Tips for Using Social Media for Business

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As surprising as this might seem, social media presents a very useful tool for growing your business. Yes, it’s possible to take your business to the next level with social media. Imagine what your business can gain by being exposed to more than 2 billion people around the world who use social media. Getting your business in front of even 1,000 people on social media, and convincing them to buy what you sell, would be great for your bottom line.

Some of the steps worth taking include:

  • Aligning the content with the right message
  • Posting popular and unpopular content
  • Striking the right balance between business and popularity
  • Using social media for amplifying all the efforts your business does to market itself

For this to happen, you need to consider the following first.


Without a doubt, consistency is an important quality to develop in every business. Consistency in opening the business every day without fail, selling quality products (and services), reaching out to customers, and posting the right stuff on social media is highly advisable. You have to know when to post, how to post, and what to post on all the social media profiles that your business operates. The message has to be consistent every time you post on social media.

Embracing All

Having favorites is good. Everybody has a favorite dress, food, restaurant, TV show, and person. Similarly, it’s normal for some people to prefer Facebook to Twitter, or vice versa. The downside to this is you never know the clients you’re missing out on by choosing one platform over another. Therefore, embrace all social media networks. Be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and any other where your business is likely to reach out to more customers.


It’s impossible to imagine marketing your business on social media without optimizing the content. Optimizing content should be done with the knowledge that each social media platform is different in many ways. It’s important to know what to post. It’s not possible to post the same thing on all social media platforms. Instagram is for posting photos. Long posts should be on LinkedIn. Videos should go on Facebook. Twitter is for short, snappy announcements.

Monitor and Act

It’s not enough to use and post on all social media networks every day. What you also need is to track results of the marketing campaigns (and ads) that you run on these platforms. Monitor and act. Make changes where necessary. Above all, put more attention on the networks that demonstrate better results. Maximize the opportunity by posting more content on the network(s) that show the desired results. 

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