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Super Bowl = Super Advertising

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Beantown vs. Philly: Epic Beef of the Northeast

The Patriots are playing the Eagles in Super Bowl 52 in Minnesota this fantastic year of 2018! Former underdog versus current underdog. This game smacks of the excitement reminiscent of the time when players were known by both their names like Donovan McNabb, Peyton Manning, and Allen Iverson (yes, Iverson played basketball - but he's a memory bliss tool). Now names like Brady, Gronk and O'Dell are chanted by little boys and their moms in speeding SUVs. Not only is this an epic northeastern “Battle Royale” between the City of Brotherly Love and Beantown, those who tune in will witness the most hilarious, intelligent and expensive commercials made by mankind to date. Each year, viewers are blown away by the witty little skits that have were born from selling soap to housewives. These divine comedies or advertising slots, have come to be a barometer of human progression, a testament of the collective consciousness of fans and unattached tuners and hopefully, the rest of the beautiful mean world. All grandeur aside, viewers expect, at the very least, to painfully laugh; NBC expects quadruple dollar signs, and advertisers, who dare, expect to deliver their best play on social norms while peddling their ware or trade to the finish line, with the expectation that, at the very least, someone will say on the next day "Hey, how about that [enter brand name] Super Bowl commercial..." or, perhaps their wildest dream will be granted by the NFL gods and people all over the world will utter their version of "WAAAAASSSUUUUUUUPPPPP" and mention them for decades like the viewers who have repeated this friendly guttural greeting to their children and their children's children, with the hopes that they too will dutifully pass on such noble croak in honor of their wise ancestors.  Or more “Dilly Dilly”.


NFL's Advertising Play: The Speed of Light is Still Faster, For Now

NBC expects to charge at least $5MIL for a 30-second ad slot (up $500,000 from 2017). Before we go down and compute what that means in terms of seconds, let us put our shades on and gaze upon the "soo hot that its freezing" price tag of a 1-minute skit: TTTEN. MMMMILLION. DDDOLLARS. As if visualizing that species of wealth being generated in this lifetime in this observable universe was enough, knowing for certain that such a Big Bang will happen this Sunday in exotic Minnesota should turn you into an existentialist. After you ponder the meaning of your life and before you quit your job, let's bring it back to the nano-units that the rest of us nano-humans can understand: seconds and pennies. $10MIL per minute is $166,666 per second, which is, boys and girls, 16.666MIL pennies. Imagine that piggy bank luau. Luckily, the voracious money making, eating and fertilizing metabolism of the [deleted] is still No. 2 in terms of speed to something in this dimension -- the speed of light -- which travels at a rate of 186,000 miles per second. The Super Bowl's ability to make a buck in TV Advertising is only 20,000 seconds slower than the speed at which light travels. The sound "Uh" generates $166k in revenue. Veering off to find a black hole to crawl into, of the 3 or 4 hours spent watching the game, only 11 minutes are real game playing minutes. 11 real minutes. We have to call NASA as "One NASA minute" is going to be changed to "One NFL minute." 


Who are the companies spending big bucks for Super Bowl ads?

So, who are these insanely rich and fearless entities, spending at least $166,666 per second on a marketing skit with no written warranty of ROI? Here's the details of businesses who purchased Super Bowl commercials and their investment in seconds. We’ve also included when during the game the ads will air and what they’re about for your complete Guide to Super Bowl 52 Commericals!

Amazon Alexa – 90 second spot in 4th quarter featuring Jeff Bezos. Alexa loses her voice with celebrity cameos include Cardi B and Gordon Ramsay.

  • Amazon Prime - 60 second spot after halftime to promote “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan”
  • Annheuser-Bush will have several commercials:
    •  30 seconds for Stella, first Super Bowl ad since 2011.
    •  90 seconds for Bud Light: more “Dilly Dilly”, and the new “Bud Night”
    •  30 seconds spots for Michelob Ultra and Budweiser
  • Avocados from Mexico – 30 second spot will be 4th Super Bowl appearance.
  • Coco-Cola – 12th Super Bowl appearance will be “celebrating diversity”.
  • Diet Coke – 30 seconds in 2nd quarter introducing overhauled logo.
  • Doritos – Peter Dinklage will promote Doritos Blaze.
  • E-Trade - 30 seconds in 2nd quarter “Don’t Get Mad Get Even”
  • Febreeze – 30 seconds in 2nd quarter “Dave, a man whose bleep don’t stink”
  • Groupon – 30 seconds between 3rd & 4th quarters, first SB ad since 2011.
  • Hulu – Back for its 2nd consecutive year and third overall.
  • Hyundai – 60 seconds in the 4th quarter “Better Drives Us” theme.
  • Intuit – 15 seconds for its first Super Bowl ad will introduce two new characters.
  • Kia – 60 seconds in the 3rd will be 9 years running now.
  • Kraft – 30 second spot in 3rd quarter will feature real families and actual Super Bowl moments from social media.
  • Lexus – 30 seconds in the 3rd featuring the LS 500 F Sport sedan and will include a tie in from the new Black Panther movie.  
  • M&M – 30 seconds in the 1st quarter featuring Danny DeVito.
  • Monster Products – Iggy Azalea will promote new wireless AirLinks Elements.
  • Mountain Dew – 30 second ad that pairs with the Doritos ad.
  • NFL – 60 Second ad featuring Eli Manning.
  • Paramount – Ad to promote new Mission: Impossible movie.
  • Pepsi – 30 Second ad featuring the iconic Cindy Crawford.
  • Persil Pro Clean – will feature its third Super Bowl ad for its laundry detergent.
  • Pringles – 30 seconds in the 3rd quarter will be its first SB ad.
  • Quicken Loans – 60 seconds in the 2nd quarter.
  • Sprint – will feature “Evelyn” the robot
  • Squarespace – 30 seconds for its 5th SB ad will feature Keanu Reeves
  • Tide – Terry Bradshaw will be featured in this ad.
  • T-Mobile – 60 second ad featuring Kerry Washington.
  • Toyota – 3 60 seconds spots.  1st quarter, halftime, and 2nd half ads continuing their “Start Your Impossible” campaign.
  • TurboTax (Intuit) – 60 seconds for their 5th SB ad.
  • Universal Parks and Resorts – 30 second spot featuring Peyton Manning.
  • Verizon – back for first time since 2011, Verizon did not release details on SB ad.
  • WeatherTech – 30 seconds will be its 5th consecutive year of SB ads.
  • Wendy's -30 second spot in the 1st quarter will call out McDonalds for using frozen beef.

Set your DVRs and may the best of the best win!




Is a Superbowl Ad what your business needs?

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People from all walks of life rely on advertising in order to promote their business. Whether this involves a small business or one that is not so small, advertising is a key component of finding success. As a direct result, many larger corporations attempt to advertise during major events like the Super Bowl. If that is the goal of a corporation, there are a number of things that need to be looked at in order to ensure that they are marketing their business in a well-rounded manner. These things involve digital marketing, branding and social media.

Digital Marketing
The days of advertising solely through business cards, print ads or even radio spots are over. That doesn't necessarily mean that these avenues of marketing are not so effective, but it does mean that in order for a business to realize its full potential, it is now necessary to focus on traditional as well as digital marketing. In other words, it is important to follow up any type of advertisement with something that relies on digital technology, such as placing a television ad during the Super Bowl and then refraining from telling the whole story during that ad. Some of the most effective commercials tell a story but leave off the ending, instead choosing to direct viewers to go to the company's website in order to see how the story ends. This effectively gives consumers an opportunity to buy a particular product or service because they are already on the website. It is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing out there

For a business to experience a high level of success in today's market, it is also imperative that whatever is being sold essentially forms its own brand. There are many ways for branding that can occur. It is most effective when a particular product or service is closely tied with a certain lifestyle. For instance, a business that is selling homemade soaps and lotions might choose to make their brand about being health conscious. They can also closely tie their brand to those individuals that care about the earth and keeping it clean. Therefore, they can market that product as a healthier and more environmentally friendly product than the stuff that is mass produced and placed on the shelves of many big box stores. This caters to a particular clientele, which is exactly what branding is supposed to do.

Social Media
Last but certainly not least, successful marketing utilizes social media in all its forms. Here is a potential scenario where a business could benefit from social media marketing. If that particular business has a Facebook page and regularly posts on that page, every single person that is linked to it will see those posts. Moreover, it is possible to get thousands upon thousands of people to see a post in a single day because of the way Facebook is designed. If that same business utilizes Pinterest to place photos of their finished products online and then links those photos back to their Facebook page or even their own website, it makes it easier for them to sell their products. It becomes even more relevant when the same business tweets about something they are doing associated with their product every day. It is most effective when their posts are educational and when they tweet about doing something positive within the community.

When all of these forms of marketing are used together, it is possible to take a business that is suffering from slow sales and turn it into something that is much more capable of experiencing a high level of success.


Significance of Social Media

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Just like the rest of the world, I am sure social media has had an impact on your life. Social media is an inexpensive tool that bring together technology and social interaction by utilizing words. People like you access social media via the world wide web, whether it be on a computer or mobile device. These social media sites include websites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Social media gives business owners a method of communicating with peers, customers, and potential customers. Customers get to see the personal side of you, your business, and your product, so they can feel like they have a connection with you and what you are selling. A social media presence is not just for small businesses. 

If you are under the impression that social media is made just for small business owners, that is just not true. Some very well-known businesses like Dunkin’ Donuts, Absolut Vodka, BMW, and even former president Barack Obama use social media sites to connect with their customers or people that want to follow them. If those businesses and a former business have social media accounts, then there definitely has to be something to it. Social media should have a significant role in how a business markets themselves and their products and/or services.

Social media is a great way for you to let your customers and potential customers learn about you and what products your business sells or what services you offer. Social media can do this by getting an identity to who you are and the products and services that you provide. Establishing relationships is another great thing that social media can be used for.

You can also establish relationships on social media websites with people that do not know what your business sells or what services your business offers or what your business is all about. Social media sites show who you really are, which is why you need to not only let your customers get to know your products and services, they also need to get to know you. Social media is a good way for you to associate with your peers that provide products and services that are similar to yours. You can also use social media to communicate with your customers and give them the interaction that they need from you. However, it is a good idea to establish a plan to use social media properly. 

When you are using social media, it is a good idea to have a plan to use social media properly. When making your marketing plan, you only need to make social media a part of it. It takes a long time for your customers to get to know you on social media so you also need to use other means of marketing. When you post on social media, be sure to be yourself and reflect your own personality. There is no right or wrong when it comes to your social media interaction with your followers, just do what feels right for you. You also need to be consistent. If you do not consistently post on your social media sites, it is best for you to back away and stop posting on them. Social media also lets you know how effective your marketing strategy is and how popular your brand is without you having to pay a lot to do so.

Social media has radically changed advertising. The most popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter give you and your business a lot of exposure without you having to pay out a lot of money. They let you design custom advertisements based on what your target audience likes and wants so you can obtain maximum engagement and benefit. Social media also lets you measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. It will also let you determine how popular your business is. These sites also have social media analytical tools that help business owners like you make your marketing strategies better. They permit you to analyze your audience and change your marketing strategy to better cater to their needs and to what they want. 

If you follow these business strategies on social media websites, they will help you make your business a success on social media. If your business is successful on social media, it may take time, but you will see the significance of social media marketing when your profits go up significantly.


Twitter Automation

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Marketing automation is rarely spamming

If you use the internet today, you've undoubtedly seen spam on your profiles. Some Seattle business owners assume that because someone uses automation that what they're doing is spam. This is a big misconception and is completely untrue. Although sometimes what you're seeing is actually spam, other times it's a brilliant company leveraging new technology. Companies integrate marketing automation because it allows them to better their interaction with you! 

Big social media players support ethical automation

First, it's important to understand that with automation implementation comes a whole new set of rules and policies that companies must abide by. All the rules are very straightforward. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and more create the rules. The rules of automation are based on actual laws, and whatever else they feel like betters their community's user experience. Using marketing automation isn't going to put your accounts at risk unless you do it very poorly. Twitter's Sean Edgett recently said in
a US Senate hearing that, "Automation is not categorically prohibited on Twitter; in fact, it often serves a useful and important purpose." Facebook is also openly supporting the use of customer support chatbots for automating interaction on Facebook fan pages. 

Got a repetitive task? Build a robot

When you think about marketing automation, think about autonomously completing small tasks over and over again. These systematic approaches allow us to do things like schedule social media posts, automatically follow people who engage with our content, and much much more. At the root of every successful automation campaign, is a great product, service, or brand. Also, whether you're building automated customer support chatbots or using automated growth strategies to gain followers, you need exceptional content to keep your social accounts active. Although it sounds great, automation is not a good fit for all marketing plans. It takes a very well thought out support system plan and lots of outstanding content to be a good fit.

Need a vacation? Automation has you covered

Ethical automation is important because it enhances a profiles ability to interact with their audience. It ensures that even if you're away from social media for a few days your accounts can continue to assist your audience. This is especially good for your social media feed ranking. It also provides a solution for you to autonomously show your profile to new people. This, in turn, generates a bigger following. A bigger audience leads to more website views and purchases. 

If Automation is a good fit for your company be patient finding the right content management system.

Large amounts of companies use platforms like Hootsuite for scheduling days, weeks, or months’ worth of content posts. Content management systems also provide great data and analytics for your social accounts. They're great all in one user interfaces that allow you to manage all of your social media accounts simultaneously. What once took hours of time to manage can be automated. For people who have content or an array of questions customers typically ask, an automated system can easily support a turnkey solution. It will save you time, and money. No longer are the days of needing a human to sit on a Facebook fan page and answer questions all day. Just set up some software or integrate a content management app. Or hire someone to build a chatbot. After you do your posts and interactions will occur even when you sleep!

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