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Leveraging Emerging Trends In Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is a very effective tool for reaching a vast worldwide audience with messages specially designed for each differing segment.

Recent advances in this type of marketing have made it possible for creative marketers to generate interest in diverse products and services in new and better ways. Going digital with marketing campaigns has transformed many businesses and enabled them to see how consumers are responding to their marketing efforts in real time. The key is to be agile, flexible and make use of the evolving technologies and techniques for engaging consumers.

A Successful Strategy

To get the most out of digital advertising campaigns and gain insight into shifting consumer preference, your company must be nimble enough to use digital media to engage, communicate and collaborate with consumers. You must also use their feedback to identify and adapt to increasingly complex industry and consumer demands. Innovative use of emerging media to promote products and services and respond to ever-changing market forces and consumer interest will enable your company to successfully maintain and increase market share and consumer interest.

Fluid Marketing Methods

As consumers migrate to new digital platforms, you must utilize agile marketing strategies to take advantage of the opportunities evolving digital platforms offer for close interaction with consumers. The more fluid the design of your marketing methods and their openness to adopting new techniques, the more effective they'll be in developing and maintaining lucrative relationships with today's digital savvy consumers. Plus, focusing on consumer communications will enable you to quickly tap into and profit from changing consumer behaviors and emerging trends.

Minutes Not Weeks

Being able to quickly respond to the migration of consumers to new digital platforms and update your advertising efforts will enable you to attract and keep new customers. Early adaptors capture consumer interest and dollars in this new, evolving, digital marketplace. You must adapt to new opportunities in minutes not weeks to remain in the forefront of the consumers' minds. Monthly committee meeting to discuss marketing changes must be replaced by daily updates on effective emerging marketing trends to continually capture consumer interest.

A More Efficient Process

More fluid and agile marketing efforts may require changing how you assess your marketing campaigns. Creating cross-functional teams that quickly assess, analyze, share and respond to marketing data helps. Regular small tests of valuable insights gleaned from the data is another essential step in developing more agile marketing practices. Fast, accurate analysis and use of what works and discarding the rest speeds up the process. Effective methods should then be scaled up to enjoy their benefits immediately before consumer attention changes. Start with a small 'swift boat' team and evaluate their success and impact.

Many New Digital Marketing Trends

There are a number of innovative, new forms of digital advertising poised to dominate the marketplace in 2019. That makes having an agile team able to quickly test and assess new marketing methods and strategies essential. Employing the right results-oriented, targeted marketing techniques on the hottest digital platforms can help to establish your brand and boost sales significantly. These digital trends can potentially reshape the marketing landscape. Some will last while others will only have a short-term impact. The companies nimble enough to efficiently identify the effective trends will benefit greatly.

Top Marketing Trends For 2019

There are several emerging marketing trends. The holistic Omnichannel Approach to marketing on diverse devices while providing the same experience on all of them, is one. Expanded use of Video Content to excite, educate and engage consumers, launch products and build brands is also anticipated. This includes YouTube videos and live and story videos featured on social media channels. Optimizing Voice Search using unique meta descriptions and other innovative new approaches is another marketing method industry experts point out is growing in popularity. Plus, integrating AI Aided Chatbots into websites, apps and social media platforms for more effective marketing results also looks promising.

Other Innovative Digital Advertising Techniques

There are so many new digital marketing methods and techniques making their way into the mainstream, having nimble, agile marketing teams to identify the most effective ones is essential. Some other marketing techniques that show potential and are being investigated and tested include the use of:

Augmented Reality
Accelerated Mobile Pages
Automated Email Marketing
Influencer Marketing
User-Generated Content
Native Advertising
Social Messaging Apps

As marketing professionals continue to utilize innovative, new digital technologies and reshape the marketing landscape, your company must find fast, effective, ways to explore and embrace them or be left behind.


Super Bowl Ads 2019

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CBS Charging Record Amount for Super Bowl Ads

Advertisers are anticipating that Super Bowl LIII will be the most watched television program of the year, and they are willing to spend millions to get their message out on it. A 30-second commercial on CBS, which will be broadcasting the game this year between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams, will cost advertisers a record $5.25 million. This works out to about $175,000 per second. 

The cost of a commercial, though, is up only a little from last year when a 30-second spot cost $5.2 million. But it is up a whopping $1 million from what it cost just 5 years ago, and it is nearly double what is cost back in 2008 when a 30-second spot went for $2.69 million. 

In 1967, when Super Bowl I was broadcast, ad prices started at less than $38,000, and it took until 1995 before prices rose above $1 million. 5 years later in 2001, prices for ads experienced their greatest yearly increase, which was more than 30%. Fueling this increase was the dot-com bubble and companies such as 

In spite of the fact that experts expect more than 100 million people to watch Super Bowl LIII, television ratings for professional football have been declining recently. Ratings for Super Bowl LII were about 7% lower than those for Super Bowl LI, but this still amounted to a little more than 100 million viewers. 

On Sunday, the exact price CBS will charge for an ad is dependent on when the ad will air. Typically, ads shown toward the beginning of the game cost more than ads shown later. Other factors affecting the price of an ad include how long the ad runs and the total number of ads bought for the game. The network also offers package deals that include other major sporting events. 

On the surface, spending more than $5 million for 30 seconds of broadcast time may seem exorbitant, in spite of the size of the viewing audience. But ads often get far greater exposure than those 30 seconds. Advertisers stretch this exposure by issuing press releases about the commercials that they will air, which often come out long before the game is broadcast. Some advertisers even spend a considerable amount of money just marketing their ads. This spending can run into the millions. 

Advertisers further hope that people will watch previews of their ads on YouTube, and they hope that they will watch the full ads there over and over after the game ends. Budweiser, for example — which perennially advertises on the game — recently posted such an ad on YouTube, and this ad has already gotten more than 8 million views. 

Anheuser-Busch, which is the parent of Budweiser and the official beer sponsor of the NFL, has bought a total of 6 1/2 minutes of ad time during the game. This amounts to around $34 million. 

Doritos, which is owned by long-running Super Bowl advertiser Pepsi, has also posted a preview of their Super Bowl ad on YouTube, which features both the Backstreet Boys and Chance the Rapper. So far, it has received more than 2 million views. The ad is another in a long-standing trend of including celebrities in Super Bowl ads. This is done to help the ads stand out from the rest. 

While fees for these celebrity appearances are usually not officially released, they sometimes can be more expensive than the ad time. In 2005, Heineken is said to have paid Brad Pitt in excess of $4 million to appear in its Super Bowl ad, while in 2014 Bud Light paid Arnold Schwarzenegger $3 million for appearing in their Super Bowl ad. 

During the broadcast on Sunday, viewers should expect to see just about every type of ad imaginable, with one exception: there will be no marijuana ads. Acreage Holdings, which is a medical cannabis company based in New York, reportedly submitted a one-minute ad that would have cost the company more than $10 million. But CBS rejected the ad. They also issued a statement along with the rejection saying that, as a company policy, they do not accept ads related to cannabis. Though this does not mean that you cannot see the ad, as a version of it has already been posted on YouTube.

Eugene the World Record Instagram Egg

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At over 48.4 million likes, Eugene, the Instagram-famous egg has surpassed Kylie Jenner in holding the record for the most likes on a picture.

Jenner had previously set the record with 18.5 million likes on a picture of her daughter, Stormi. The famous picture, posted on January 6, 2018, was surpassed in likes by the January 4th, 2019 post from the Egg Gang. By Friday the 18th, the simple, stock image of a brown egg has garnered over 48 million likes.

The picture of the most famous egg in the world was posted on the account named "world_record_egg." This account has acquired 7.7 million followers from the one viral post of the celebrity egg. The American Egg Board was excited to acknowledge Eugene's success. CEO Anne Alonzo was overjoyed to see an egg getting this kind of publicity.

No one has been able to identify the person who posted the picture in hopes of breaking the world record for the most Instagram likes on a post. Until the case is cracked, the egg is assuming the name "Eugene." In an email from the mystery account owner, the egg was given the name and is apparently loving all of the attention.

The account owner mentioned that there are two shirts available reading "I liked the egg." Ten percent of the profits are being donated to charity. New designs are also in the making.

Some people speculate that Instagram star Supreme Patty was responsible for the post. Supreme Patty's friend was reported saying that he was indeed behind the account, but the Egg Gang later posted on their story that it was fake news. They still remain anonymous and obviously don't want to be revealed.

In the midst of the government shutdown, it appears that Americans are putting their hope and trust in a humble breakfast staple. However, this isn't the only food to catch the attention of the masses. In previous years, other basic food images have gleaned abundant likes. Potato salad and half of a white onion were also Instagram-famous for a time. It seems that the simpler the subject, the more popular it becomes.

While Supreme Patty can't take credit for the egg-cellent post, he isn't letting the fun pass him by. He reportedly got a tattoo of the record-breaking egg. Other eggs from pop-culture also joined the conversation, including a dragon egg from "Game of Thrones." When George R.R. Martin proudly tweeted a picture of his egg, Professor Snape was quick to reply with a picture of Harry Potter holding a golden egg.

So, what is it that allows a simple brown egg to get so many likes? How can an egg possibly compete with stars like Kylie Jenner and other major names on social media? Perhaps it is the simplicity that compels us to charitably and unquestionably give our likes away to the egg. It isn't begging for our attention or money. It doesn't make us feel less-than by being better looking or traveling to a nicer destination than us. We don't have a reason to distrust it. We just like it.

While many people willingly gave their love to this seemingly random egg, Kylie Jenner was clearly bitter about losing her record to a stock photo of a breakfast item. Jenner posted a video of herself breaking eggs sent from mocking strangers. She captioned the video of herself cracking an egg onto the blacktop in the sun, "Take that little egg." Incredible Egg commented a nice suggestion to put the eggs to good use by making some of the delicious recipes on their website. Sources still aren't sure how Kylie Jenner likes her eggs, but from the looks of things now, it appears that she thinks they are best served on the pavement.

Many people joined the effort to help this little egg break the world record. It is speculated that dissatisfaction with the Kardashians and other socialites from Hollywood played a role in the immense response Eugene received. Did people want the egg to succeed because it is an egg or because they wanted to see the record taken from Kylie? Perhaps it's a combination of both, but the American Egg Association is thrilled.

By Easter, The American Egg Association expects to donate over a million eggs per month. Individual farmers will be donating to their local organizations. The American Egg Board cites Eugene's popularity as a sign that eggs are incredible.

Incredible indeed. An account with that much attention has the ability to influence the masses and is undoubtedly a powerful marketing tool. Owning account with that much organic viewership makes selling merchandise no sweat. The owner could also sell the account or refocus it to suit the audience long after Eugene loses his popularity.

This just goes to show how fragile a social media reputation really is. One minute, you have the most-liked photo on Instagram. Then you wake up one morning only to discover that your record has been stolen by an egg. The message is clear. Americans value breakfast and simplicity over beauty and riches. Nothing beats breakfast!


Epic Game Launches Its Own App Store

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Epic Games the maker of the worldwide sensation Fortnite, is launching its own app store bypassing Apple and Google.

Epic Games is making rounds in features recently and not as a result of games it distributes. It finished 2018 with some incredible news for gamers yet terrible news for Apple and Google. All things considered, it's awful news only for Google truly. While it didn't give out particulars, it emphasized what the amusement engineer had just implied previously. Its Epic Amusement Store wouldn't stop at testing existing conditions in the PC gaming market. It'll be taking its designer driven reason to versatile however while its goals are honorable, it may accomplish more damage than anything else over the long haul.

Some may question the truthfulness of Epic Games' expectations yet, at any rate freely, its objectives are certainly to support amusement designers and, in the last investigation, gamers. Its greatest dispute is that amusement merchants, be it Steam, Google, or Apple, take too high a cut from offers of games or even in-application buys. The 70/30 split outcomes in littler benefits for game engineers, particularly littler studios and people, which, creates less inspiration to create quality games and keep them refreshed with new substance and bug fixes.

With its very own Epic Games Store, the distributor is taking a little cut, just 12%, sufficiently only to take care of the expenses of working the store and making a modest benefit. That 12% likewise covers the typical expense when utilizing the Unbelievable Amusement motor along these lines, regardless of whether you're utilizing UE or not, it offers approach open door for every single diversion designer. It is allegedly as of now making waves in the PC gaming business sector to the point that Steam has likewise balanced its income plot in case it lose its ideal position.

On versatile, notwithstanding, things can get somewhat muddled. There are two primary ways cell phone clients can get their games, contingent upon their portable stage. Yet, while iOS has the iTunes Application Store and just the iTunes Application Store, Android has the Google Play Store and "everything else". Epic Games has just reprimanded Google's store for the portable variant of its most worthwhile money dairy animals yet, Fortnite.

In any case, the story isn't that straightforward either. Epic Games Chief Tim Sweeney has made it a well known fact that he is pushing for a progressively open portable application biological community the manner in which it is on PCs. Or if nothing else was. He implied checking the viable imposing business models of Google's and Apple's application stores. Again an honorable aim yet Epic's answer may make more issues not far off.

Android's receptiveness is the two its quality and its obligation. The bunch ways one can introduce applications on it opens the way to potential security abuses, something Fortnite itself experienced direct soon after it propelled Fortnite outside of Google Play Store. Presently, it's questionable that Google's framework is not really impeccable, given what number of vindictive applications can move beyond its mechanized bouncer. Be that as it may, it in any event offers some similarity to security while the Epic Games Store may not.

Sweeney is on the whole correct to advocate an open portable biological community. Yet, nobody, not by any means him, has displayed a practical framework to increment and keep up security over those numerous application stores. In the event that Epic is genuinely earnest in what it has faith in, it would work to help enhance Android at its exceptionally center to empower security at the most profound dimension with the goal that you can make sure of the wellbeing of applications, regardless of where it originates from. That, in any case, is past Epic's genuine concern, which is moving and making games.

And after that there's Apple. The majority of Epic's talk crashes and burns even with the iTunes Application Store. It is extremely unlikely that it'll have the capacity to authoritatively offer an elective store for iOS games and it was flawlessly satisfied with the norm on Apple's Application Store. Is there any good reason why it wouldn't, particularly after it made millions in IAPs in simply the principal month of Fortnite on iPhones? Furthermore, that is with the normal 70/30 cut. The Money Road Diary hypothesizes that if Google changes its framework, Apple will be compelled to stick to this same pattern. That is far-fetched except if the whole business settles on more attractive income sharing. So Epic is extremely simply gunning for Google in light of the fact that, incidentally, its open biological community makes it a less demanding target.

This isn't to imply that Epic Games isn't right. The entire scene with Fortnite, trailed by the Epic Games Store, has exposed one of the grimy mysteries of the gaming business. What's more, there is certainly a requirement for an increasingly open portable application biological system. However, that receptiveness ought to likewise consider security and it ought to be reasonable for all. The way things are, Epic Games straightforward application store designs may profit amusement engineers for the time being yet, in the long haul, it may profit nobody however Epic and, well, Apple.

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