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Website URL: Expands to Work with More Brands

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The big lip-syncing application known as was acquired by Chinese media company, Bytedance, in November 2017 with the goal of boosting ad dollars by using small influencer-based campaigns. They are expanding the platform by doing more than just lip sync videos and plan to use content partnerships by doing custom content creation and co-creation of assets.

New Advertising Plan
The new ad products include what will be known as the #HashtagChallenge, where brands will challenge their followers to make response videos to their initial video. Advertisers see this as the most interactive advertising product on the table, as it allows users to watch an entire ad and creatively post about the brand. This advertising method will not only reach the brand's followers but the users' following as well, and possibly have an exponential growth with impressions. They are also creating stills and GIFs to redirect users to a brands page, and five to 15 second vertical sponsored videos for advertisers.

For the most part has been ad-free. Arthur Wu, head of global branding sales for Cheetah Mobile, says ads help influencers, the application, as well as advertisers get impressions. In the past, they have pitched agency and brands with influencer ad packages, but unfortunately, there is not much analytics to measure for pricing. Only likes and comments are used to measure ad pricing on the application.

Working Out the Kinks has more than 200 million users, and brands like Beiersdorf, Disney and Kit Kat have been using influencers to advertise on the social media platform. The lip-syncing model makes it easy for movie studios and record labels to work with influencers. The application allows users to browse for popular people and songs resulting in a myriad of entertaining videos for millions to watch. The application also lets users transfer their videos to Instagram and YouTube, making it the latest trend for social media lovers and a starting point for the next generation of internet celebrities. Forty-three percent of users are 18 years old and younger while 67 percent of users are female. The biggest markets are the United States, India, Spain, Italy and Brazil. Advertisers usually do outreach and pay per post once they find people to collaborate with for ads.

To have accurate pricing set a CPM rate for their advertising videos. Similar to platforms like YouTube, influencers get paid based on clicks and watch time. For instance, the skincare brand Beiersdorf used five different girls for a recent campaign. Enyadres has two million followers, Laura Sophie has one million followers as well as Naomi Jon, Chany Dakota has 745,000 followers and Katulka has 609,000 followers. Wu and his team set a $15 CPM for vertical videos; each girl gets a percentage of money per click so that their influence is a fair calculation. The more followers someone has; the more clicks they receive on their posts. And some famous users have a more interactive following, allowing them to have fewer followers but more views.


Black Friday Sales Break Records!

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The shopping extravaganza following Black Friday internet shopping keeps on developing, and the recent Black Friday was another record-breaking day. As indicated by a recent report from Adobe, which has been following web based business exchanges all through the business occasion, Black Friday is on track to set another record by outperforming the $3 billion check surprisingly. It's likewise anticipated that would become the first day in U.S. retail history to drive over a billion dollars from versatile deals. Adobe's last numbers demonstrate that Black Friday outperformed gauges, with $3.34 billion – 21.6 percent development, year-over-year. Versatile represented $1.2 billion, a 33 percent expansion from the prior year. As indicated by Adobe's information, 56 percent of the movement to retail sites amid Black Friday were by means of cell phones, and 40 percent of Black Friday deals were led on a cell phone. "Vast retailers (those in Internet Retailer's main 100) have seen double the development in online deals contrasted with little retailers since the start of the season. Retailers that have contributed in mobile, email and social have seen 30 percent more deals by and large and 25 percent higher normal request values," said Gaffney in the report.

It was clear before in the day that portable was significantly affecting the record web based business deals seen on Thanksgiving Day and on Black Friday. Significant retailers, similar to Amazon, Walmart, Target and eBay, noticed that versatile movement and deals were on the ascent. Amazon said that portable requests on Thanksgiving topped Cyber Monday a year ago, for instance, while Walmart said that more than 70 percent of site activity on Thanksgiving was versatile. Target said that 60 percent of Thanksgiving deals were from cell phones.

What's more, versatile represented 40 percent of offers, with 29 percent from cell phones, and 11 percent for tablets. By 3 PM ET, portable alone had represented $680 million in online deals.

A notable fact is that millennial aged 24 to 34, were recorded to be the most active and extensive shoppers of the Black Friday, Nov 2016. With 56 percent of the shoppers were in stores and 62 percent in online shopping. According to a report from Adobe, 8 in every 10 millennial made purchases over the Black Friday weekend.

What's intriguing, notwithstanding, is that cell phones don't drive the same number of changes as tablets and desktops. While changes were up by and large, cell phone discussions were at 1.9 percent, contrasted and tablets at 3.7 percent, and desktops at 4 percent. For examination's purpose, occasion midpoints are 1.3 percent, 2.9 percent, and 3.2 percent, for telephones, tablets, and desktops, individually.

What's more, iOS kept on driving bigger deals than Android. The normal request esteem on iOS gadgets was $144 contrasted and $136 on Android.

Adobe likewise noticed the current year's top-offering gadgets were Apple iPads, Samsung 4K TVs, the Apple Macbook Air, LG TVs, and Microsoft Xbox.

"With the entire day add up to coming in at $3.34 billion, Black Friday may have quite recently ousted Cyber Monday's position as the biggest internet shopping day of the year," Gaffney said.

Adobe's Black Friday report depends on amassed and mysterious information from 22.6 billion visits to retail sites.

This pattern proceeded into Black Friday, as the business occasion is at present following to get $1.13 billion in income, which is up 25 percent year-over-year. Walmart said that 60 percent of Black Friday arranges on originated from cell phones, for instance.

Versatile was also driving the dominant part of retail locales visits on Friday at 56 percent, Adobe noted. The greater part of that (47%) was from cell phones, instead of tablets (9%).


Digital Marketing to Millennials

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Millennials are the adults of tomorrow, and they differ from their former generations in almost every way possible. As a company, you want to target different generations, and this must happen in a different way per generation. Millennials are as you might expect the easiest targeted through digital marketing. But you do need to know how to do this effectively, which is why we’ll be walking you through a guide of digital marketing to millennials.

Why do millennials matter?

The first thing to mention is that millennials are 25% of the US population, which would be enough reason to make them matter to you as a business. And they can’t be targeted by just traditional advertising, since they differ from the baby-boomers in so many ways. These people are putting off making big life decisions, like marriage, starting a family and buying a house. On top of that they make more use of technology and internet than anyone generation. They shop online and follow brands via Social Media, which are things that you should play with when you want to market towards them.

How to target millennials with digital marketing.

Practice digital authenticity

If there is one thing that millennials love, then it is authentic brands. You should show your authenticity through all social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on. Being Authentic means being open and honest as well as trying to connect to your customers on a more personal level. So, you can be free about sharing your beliefs and sharing the things that you love

This also means that you shouldn’t hide behind the name of your company, you should show yourself. Millennials aren’t looking to follow companies; they want to follow real people. Therefore, it is okay to show who you are, like connecting with them through snapchat as you show your everyday life. You must try to become their friend isn’t of just throwing them over with campaigns

Still use data

Now becoming more organic doesn’t mean that you should throw all data out of the door, it can still be extremely helpful when marketing for millennials. Using good services, like google analytics, can show you where to focus your attention. Such a service can show you that most of your traffic is being generated through Instagram and only very little through twitter, this kind of information will tell you where to focus your attention on the most where pursuing digital marketing.

Reach out to them on their platforms

Millennials won’t go and search for your website, you need to come to them. So, it’s important to be active on social media platforms regularly and to reach out to them. Millennials aren’t looking for brands to follow, you need to do the work and build a presence and a strategy to target millennials.

Make them watch you

Millennials love their online videos, and watch quite a lot of them too. Now I don’t mean that you should make adverts for YouTube or something like that. What would be a good idea is setting up a YouTube account and creating short videos regarding your company. This could mean that you post small work-out videos when you produce active wear or something like that.

What used to be a group that you thought you couldn’t target through marketing has just become targetable. If you apply the right techniques you can engage millennials with your company, they may not be very brand loyal but they will stay if you can keep the engaged. So, I hope that these tips helped you and will inspire you to improve your digital marketing towards the millennials. They are a powerful generation which will only become powerful, so it’s important to draw them to your brand now before you lose them.

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