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Dark mode for mobile phones and tablets is a hot feature that developers are putting into more and more apps.

It is essentially an alternative color scheme that puts lighter colored text on a darker colored background instead of dark text on an all white background. Dark mode is easier on your eyes, looks exciting and cool, and uses less battery since your screen doesn’t need to light up as much. Continue on to learn how to enable dark mode on your operating system or in individual applications. 

iOS 13

Newer iPhones with OLED screens such as the iPhone X, iPhone XS, or iPhone XS Max use less battery since black basically turns those pixels off on the screen. Follow these steps to enable dark mode on iOS 13. 
1. Open “Settings.”
2. Tap on “Display & Brightness.” 
3. Tap “Dark” located under “Appearance” to switch to dark mode. You can also toggle the “automatic” option which will turn dark mode on at sunset and off at sunrise. Take it a step further and use the options menu to make your own schedule. 


It’s convenient to watch videos with a darker background, and YouTube started offering it as an option in 2018. If you’re on iOS, navigate to “Settings” and choose “Dark Theme.” If you’re an Android user, you’ll find it located under “Settings,” then “General,” and tap “Dark theme.” 


It’s been available on Twitter for a while, which is refreshing to see. Navigate to “Settings and Privacy” and under “Display and sound” choose night mode. You can also select your profile icon, located on the top left, and tap the crescent moon which is on the bottom for both Android and iOS. 

Facebook Messenger

Dark mode is a newer feature for Facebook Messenger. It’s easier to see the dark grey and black than the bright white in the evening. Simply tap your profile picture which is found in the upper left corner of the screen. Tap “dark mode” to toggle the option on. 


Slack just introduced dark mode, and it is currently limited to iOS and beta users of the app. You must first sign up to be a part of Slack’s beta program, which can be found at the bottom of the “Settings” option. Once you’re officially a member of the beta program, you’ll be able to find dark mode under “Settings.” 

Google News

If you like to keep up-to-date on what’s going on around you, you might be a frequent Google News user. Tap your profile picture in the corner of the app and navigate to “Settings.” Select dark theme and choose when you want it to be on. You can choose all the time, only when battery saver mode is enabled, or never. It also offers the option to automatically enable dark mode at night. It’s the same process for both Android and iOS, but iOS doesn’t offer the option for a convenient automatic switch. 

Google Maps

Google Maps automatically enables dark mode in the evening, but you can keep it on all the time if you want. Tap the hamburger menu located on the left, click on “Settings,” and choose “Navigation.” Choose from day, night, or automatic. Unfortunately, it only modifies the map portion if you’re in navigation mode. 

Take advantage of this unique feature and turn everything dark. Cut down on your battery life, reduce your eye strain, and go dark! 


What is Voice SEO?

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Voice search is popular and is likely to only get more so in the immediate future.

This is not surprising given that such searches provide immediate and direct answers to queries and that voice search enables you to conduct searches more naturally. It's simply the virtual equivalent of asking someone a question, which avoids having to type. Most of us can talk faster than we can type. 

Why Voice Search Is Becoming More Popular

You may have noticed that the machine learning behind voice search keeps getting better. This means that virtual assistants such as Alexa or Siri are correctly understanding ever increasing numbers of questions asked of them. This is followed by them being able to furnish results that more accurately reflect the intention of your search. 

The dilemma that voice search provides marketers is that when the searcher chooses to hear the result rather than read a list of results displayed on their screen, it will only read the top result that best matches their search. This makes it more important than ever for you to rank in the top spot under the types of long-tail keywords that people would be likely to speak into a phone. 

What This Means for Your SEO

To improve your visibility for voice search, you will need to more extensively utilize long-tail keywords. Beyond this, you will need to do your best to ensure that the composition of these keywords mimics as closely as possible how someone would actually speak a search into their phone. 

The takeaways from all that we know about voice search today give you solid strategies to use for gaining and maintaining dominance in voice search. Just as with regular text searches, you want a website that loads quickly. Google knows people want their answers fast, so they reward pages that load promptly. You will also have to tailor much of the content on your website to sound more natural in terms of reflecting how people speak. 

Obviously, you will need to make sure certain basics are in place to help your voice search success. The vast majority of voice searches occur on mobile devices, so you need to ensure your website is responsive enough to look and function flawlessly on such devices. 

Another critical strategy for optimizing your website's voice search visibility is to focus on local SEO. Many voice searches are people trying to find a restaurant or repair shop or coffee shop or whatever else they may need at that moment in their immediate vicinity. For more involved product searches, people will probably want to scroll through results on their screen instead of just doing a quick voice query and then simply listening to the first result that's spoken back to them.

Owning the Conversation to Grow Your Business

If your business is at all successful, you've undoubtedly been keeping up on changes in the digital marketing landscape over time. Google and other search engines have come out with changes to their search algorithms over the years that have emphasized the importance of things such as quality content, fast-loading webpages and responsive websites. 

Optimizing for voice search is simply one more change to make to your SEO-related digital marketing efforts. By owning the conversation when people are looking for what you have to offer, you will help to ensure that your brand grows in awareness and that your sales and revenue grow along with it.



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It's no secret that cryptocurrency has gained wide popularity over the last two years. While a few major coins dominate the market, dozens of smaller coins also play a role in the roller coaster ride that is cryptocurrency. 

Facebook seems poised to enter the market as well.

Facebook Getting in on the Action: GlobalCoin

During the first quarter of 2020, Facebook is planning to release its own cryptocurrency, called GlobalCoin. A large team of 60 people have been working on the project internally while keeping a tight seal on the status of the launch. 

While some are enthusiastic about this new development, others understandably have their reservations. 

Facebook currently has over 2.3 billion users, all of which could potentially be exposed to GlobalCoin next year. The consumer reach alone increases the chances of GlobalCoin making a huge splash within the cryptocurrency market. 

Some think it’s too Much

One of the drawbacks that consumers and analysts are discussing is that the launch of their cryptocurrency simply adds too much to the pot. Facebook's recent lack of success with payments simply proves that not everything that Facebook does will become a huge success. 

While the world is still in relative darkness about the intended use of GlobalCoin, it seems destined to become another form of payment within the app itself. This could turn out to be a huge negative if a large portion of users don't trust cryptocurrency in general.

A Potentially Huge Splash in the Markets

Other analysts are more enthusiastic about its release. 

There's no question that the launch of GlobalCoin will create a significant amount of hype about the cryptocurrency world. More users will educate themselves on the benefits of using it, and overall awareness will increase drastically. Many are predicting the large influx of new cryptocurrency users will provide a huge boost to other coin prices, many of which have suffered badly over the last year.

Potential Uses for GlobalCoin

While speculation abounds for the future use of Facebook's cryptocurrency, some uses are obvious and have already been revealed:

  • Facebook will use GlobalCoin to make money transfers more efficient.
  • The coin will be used as a way to make transactions more secure.
  • One of the largest target markets for this coin is individuals without bank accounts.

While some of these are still up in the air, Facebook is already reaching out to online merchants to begin forming partnerships for accepting the coin online.

A Potentially Major Headache for Facebook

Growth and product launches rarely go off without a headache, and Facebook is no different.

One of the major challenges will be swapping out GlobalCoin with other currencies like the euro, the U.K. pound and the Japanese yen. 

The fact that this new cryptocurrency will serve its intended use by playing a big role in the exchange process instead of an asset will make it even harder for social media masses to use it on a regular basis.



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Game of Thrones is one of the most popular television series in modern times, and has absolutely dominated ratings since its debut in 2011.

“GoT” the cultural and television phenomenon, ran for eight seasons, with the last episode airing last weekend. Social Media are ripe with fan reactions, actors saying their good-byes, and every one chiming in their two cents. The controversial ending received mixed reactions from the viewers. The last two episodes saw a shift on how the series was presented, and the public, some of whom had invested the last 8 years of their life were caught off guard by an unforeseen turn of very dramatic events that no one could have predicted.  Although many tried.


During the second to last episode, the series portrayed Daenerys as a Mad Queen, using her dragon to destroy King’s Landing. Jon Snow, one of the main protagonists of the television show, saw how the Mad Queen utilized the power of her dragon to incinerate the city. Even though the citizens of King’s Landing sounded the city’s bells in response to the looming attack from Daenerys, signifying that they wanted to surrender to stop the carnage. However, Daenerys did not stop from her original plan and relentlessly continued destroying the capital of the Seven Kingdoms. She used Drogon’s Fire to decimate the city, burning all of the buildings and killing most of its citizens. Nobody was spared, not even women, children, or the elderly – Daenerys killed all of them with her dragon.

Jon Snow was terrified after he witnessed how her love interest has changed, and he decided to do something that could possibly alter the future. Another character who was disgusted with how Daenerys behaved was Tyrion Lannister, one of the original characters that appeared since the first season. He was utterly enraged about how Daenerys destroyed Kings Landing, and told her that he no longer wanted to be associated with her. He removed the “Hand of the Queen” badge that had been a symbol of his allegiance to the queen, and as a result, he was taken as a prisoner. Jon Snow could not believe what happened, and he decided to visit Tyrion Lannister while he was locked away. With the most cunning tongue in all the Seven Kingdoms, Tyrion convinced Jon Snow that Daenerys is no longer the woman he loved, and is now a Mad Queen. Eventually persuading Jon Snow that killing Daenerys was the only way to avoid more massacres in the future.

As a sign of his unending love to Daenerys, Jon Snow decided to meet with her. She was on her way to the iron throne, and Jon Snow followed. Before Daenerys could sit on the Iron Throne, Jon Snow told her that he loves her, and as they came together in a loving embrace, Jon Snow stabbed her to death. Daenerys died without being able to sit on the Iron Throne. Enraged by the sight of his mother laying lifeless on the floor with a sword in her, Drogon proceeded to melt the Iron Throne into a puddle of iron.  Then flew off with her corpse. Instead of burning Jon Snow to death, the enraged dragon used all of her powers to melt the iron throne which also caused lots of fan reaction and speculation online. Some wondered if Drogon blamed Danny’s obsession with taking the Iron Throne for her death, and that’s why he melted the throne instead of burning Jon Snow.  Others were quick to point out that Jon Snow is really Aegon Targaryen, son of Rhaegar and Elia and previously rode a dragon.  So, there are many theories online as to why things happened that way they did.

Needless to say, the ending was controversial, and most fans did not expect this ending for an epic series that ran for eight seasons. Some angry fans even went as far as to say the way the show ended gave the series a bad name. There was even a campaign to remake the ending, that has been signed by more than one million individuals who were dissatisfied with how the ending unfolded. As a response to the protests made by the viewers, the directors and the writers of the Game of Thrones series also created a counter-protest, stating that if the public did not like the ending that they have conceived for the television series, they should make their own.

Despite the criticism that the television show received from the public, there are still people who knew that the ending where Daenerys died is the right ending for the series. They pointed out that the writers did a great job for interpreting one of the most popular literary works in the world, and thanked everyone who has exerted their efforts to make the series possible. As the series ends, there is speculation that HBO will be producing spin-offs to the Game of Thrones story, and the fans of the series are hoping that the future spin-offs will be worth watching, just like the original one.

Lets just hope that the spin-offs won’t have a similar disappointing ending.

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