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Dark mode for mobile phones and tablets is a hot feature that developers are putting into more and more apps.

It is essentially an alternative color scheme that puts lighter colored text on a darker colored background instead of dark text on an all white background. Dark mode is easier on your eyes, looks exciting and cool, and uses less battery since your screen doesn’t need to light up as much. Continue on to learn how to enable dark mode on your operating system or in individual applications. 

iOS 13

Newer iPhones with OLED screens such as the iPhone X, iPhone XS, or iPhone XS Max use less battery since black basically turns those pixels off on the screen. Follow these steps to enable dark mode on iOS 13. 
1. Open “Settings.”
2. Tap on “Display & Brightness.” 
3. Tap “Dark” located under “Appearance” to switch to dark mode. You can also toggle the “automatic” option which will turn dark mode on at sunset and off at sunrise. Take it a step further and use the options menu to make your own schedule. 


It’s convenient to watch videos with a darker background, and YouTube started offering it as an option in 2018. If you’re on iOS, navigate to “Settings” and choose “Dark Theme.” If you’re an Android user, you’ll find it located under “Settings,” then “General,” and tap “Dark theme.” 


It’s been available on Twitter for a while, which is refreshing to see. Navigate to “Settings and Privacy” and under “Display and sound” choose night mode. You can also select your profile icon, located on the top left, and tap the crescent moon which is on the bottom for both Android and iOS. 

Facebook Messenger

Dark mode is a newer feature for Facebook Messenger. It’s easier to see the dark grey and black than the bright white in the evening. Simply tap your profile picture which is found in the upper left corner of the screen. Tap “dark mode” to toggle the option on. 


Slack just introduced dark mode, and it is currently limited to iOS and beta users of the app. You must first sign up to be a part of Slack’s beta program, which can be found at the bottom of the “Settings” option. Once you’re officially a member of the beta program, you’ll be able to find dark mode under “Settings.” 

Google News

If you like to keep up-to-date on what’s going on around you, you might be a frequent Google News user. Tap your profile picture in the corner of the app and navigate to “Settings.” Select dark theme and choose when you want it to be on. You can choose all the time, only when battery saver mode is enabled, or never. It also offers the option to automatically enable dark mode at night. It’s the same process for both Android and iOS, but iOS doesn’t offer the option for a convenient automatic switch. 

Google Maps

Google Maps automatically enables dark mode in the evening, but you can keep it on all the time if you want. Tap the hamburger menu located on the left, click on “Settings,” and choose “Navigation.” Choose from day, night, or automatic. Unfortunately, it only modifies the map portion if you’re in navigation mode. 

Take advantage of this unique feature and turn everything dark. Cut down on your battery life, reduce your eye strain, and go dark! 

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