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Originally headquartered in Menlo Park, California, Mark Zuckerberg decided to establish new satellite offices in Seattle in order to keep on expanding and growing the number one social network in the world. 

Some of the engineers working for Facebook have moved to their Seattle office as early as 2010. Through the years, Seattle has become synonymous with coffee and Amazon, the world’s largest online retail company. Facebook chose Seattle because of its primary location and the steady growth of tech companies building their headquarters in the city.

When the first group of employees from Facebook moved to Seattle in 2010, there were only a dozen of them. Through the years, the social networking website decided to hire more people to become an official part of the team. Their office in Seattle grew at an incredible pace, and by 2016, the satellite office boasts more than a thousand employees. However, it did not stop there as more talented people are getting hired by Facebook’s office in Seattle. By 2018, the number of people rose to more than two thousand people. This uncontrollable growth of Facebook in Seattle prompted the company to buy new spaces where they can place their employees. One of the latest offices that Facebook will be leasing would be a small building located in the South Lake Union neighborhood.

Before the employees transferred, they used to occupy an area at the Westlake, which is about 150,000 square feet in area. This space can accommodate up to a thousand people, but when more talents joined the company, this floor space became smaller and it is not enough to hold that much people in the same place. To combat the overpopulation scenario inside the office, Facebook decided to lease some of the buildings around the South Lake Union. This neighborhood is one of the top destinations in Seattle today, and this is where the top IT and tech companies are headquartered. Amazon helped out in renovating the area, making it a world-class IT park for companies who wanted to lease office buildings.

More companies are transferring to the South Lake Union, most of them being involved in the IT and tech industry. Mark Zuckerberg knew that the South Lake Union would someday become an important tech hub, and his decision to build an office in Amazon’s home turf would make the tech industry healthier because of the growth of competition. Amazon is known for their online retail business structure, wherein customers will be browsing the item that they wanted online, make a purchase, and wait for its delivery. Through effective digital marketing and digital advertising techniques, online retail companies like Amazon experienced an impressive growth rate.

Facebook, on the other hand, stated that they will also be leading a massive overhaul of their Marketplace feature. Facebook is also entering the retail industry, and he will be showing his competitors how he plays the game when it comes to retail. Most of the people who are using Facebook Marketplace are relying on the information provided by the poster, and transactions are usually informal. This time, Facebook is really serious in improving their features, and they will be doing it to keep their distinction as the number one social networking website in the world. Even though Facebook Seattle keeps on increasing in population, the main headquarters in Menlo Park still serves as an important hub for learning and trying new methods in promoting the business, like the digital marketing and digital advertising techniques.

For now, the engineers are the ones required to transfer to Seattle because there are lots of projects that they need to work on. The projects that the company is doing would become more visible in the future.

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