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Google recently announced its plans to foster greater ad interaction for its advertisers. These changes will be rolling out over the course of this year.

If you use any Google products or services (which is most of us), you will soon start seeing more ads across Google’s platforms. Let’s take a look at what’s in the works.

Discovery Ads

Google’s algorithms for displaying relevant content to its users continue to improve. The Discover feed allows users to browse current news stories and articles related to their interests. The articles shown to users are based both on their internet browsing history and topics they’ve selected as interesting to them.

Advertisers will be able to pay for ad spots that will show up in the Discover feed as users scroll through stories. They will be identified by an “Ad” badge that will distinguish them from articles. Ads shown to users will be relevant to their interests and chosen based on similar algorithms for displaying stories.

Discovery ads will show up on the Google app on iOS and Android, the Discovery feed to the left of Android’s home screen, the YouTube homepage, Gmail’s Promotions and Social tab, and on the mobile site. They will not be shown on the desktop version of as of yet.

Gallery Ads

Images have begun appearing more frequently on the top of Google search results. For example, when you search for a movie, a gallery of actor pictures shows up near the top of the search. Visuals offer the potential to attract more attention than text, and as such, Google is taking advantage of visuals for advertisements in the form of Gallery ads.

These types of ads are designed to create more user interaction with advertisements. In Gallery ads, users can scroll through four to eight images related to the same advertisement. Each picture has space for a description of up to 70 characters.

Advertisers will pay Google for these ads per each click generated. A “click” is counted if either a user clicks through to the advertiser’s site or swipes to the third image in the gallery.

Gallery ads will appear on top of mobile search results.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping has included advertisements for non-branded searches since 2016. These ads include an image that can be expanded to reveal more products sold by the advertiser, as well as merchant information. They feature a badge that identifies them as a sponsored result.

In the coming year, Google Shopping ads will not be limited only to a Google Shopping search. These ads will appear on the Discover Feed, the YouTube Feed and Google Images.

Google Shopping will also be redesigned to incorporate Google Express. As users browse products, they will be able to make purchases on merchant’s sites, in stores, or buy directly on Google while Google handles the transactions.

For merchants that are already a part of Shopping Actions, they will be automatically opted-in to the program. Shopping Actions is available on and through Google Assistant. Later this year, it will be extended to YouTube and Google Images.

Through this process, Google expects to be able to offer a streamlined consumer experience with simplified returns and better customer service.

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