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It’s not difficult to see that pets have become a big deal. They follow us around the house, join us on our walks and even act as our “fur children”. But will people go as far to find a city that is dog-friendly when moving to a new place?

Research has shown that this is exactly the case. Some states have even advertised themselves as being more appealing to dog owners than others. In the United States, Seattle has been known to climb the ranks as the top dog city.

Who Proved This?

In order to accurately test which city in the United States is the most dog-friendly, there had to be scientific data. Rover, a network shared between dog walkers and pet sitters, teamed up with the real estate brokerage named Redfin. Together, they studied 14,000 cities found within the United States.

Rover focused its attention on creating a “Walk score”, which measures how easy it is to get Fido out and about. Redfin also looked for how many people used the keyword “dog” when searching through online home listings. Those areas with the desired keyword were more apt to be a dog-friendly neighborhood that had nearby dog parks.

Which City Came Out as the Top Dog?

Using a number of models, Rover and Redfin compared the 14,000 U.S. cities against each other. The number one dog-friendly state turned out to be Seattle with a Walk Score of 73 with 2 percent of home renters searching for the keyword “dog”. The next cities in line were Chicago, Denver, Manhattan and Washington, D.C.

Interestingly enough, Rover also looked into the most popular breed for the areas that were studied. Seattle’s top breed was the Labrador Retriever, whereas other top cities included mixed breeds and the French bulldog.

Just How Dog-Friendly is Seattle?

According to a census conducted in the year 2013, dogs are more popular than children. With more dogs than babies, it’s no wonder that this state quickly became the top dog when compared against other cities within the United States. Back in 2013, 25.2 percent of households had dogs whereas children only made up 19.7 percent.

What Makes Seattle Ideal for Dog Owners?

There are a number of reasons as to why Seattle was placed number one in regards to its ability to meet the needs of dogs and their owners. Below are a few found from Seattle dog owners. 
• Off-leash dog parks: There are over a dozen off-leash areas for your dogs, some of which offer a scenic view and plenty of acreages. 
• Dog-friendly restaurants: It’s rare to find a dining area that lets you bring your pet inside, but Seattle has plenty of restaurants and bars that are fitted for Fido. 
• Hiking with your dog: Whether you prefer a large city park or an expansive National Park trail, Seattle offers plenty of outdoor fun. 
• Dog on the bus: If you have a civilized pup, you can even take them along when traveling via bus. 
• Water fun: Want to take a boat tour or rent a paddleboard, why not take your dog with you? Seattle welcomes aquatic adventures. 
• Doggy hotels: This city also welcomes outsiders with dog-friendly hotels. 
• Dog shopping experiences: Being able to take your pet with you while you go shopping for their new bed is convenient. 
• Dog daycare: Seattle has plenty of options for those who can’t take their dog to work.

Through the data provided by Rover and Redfin, Seattle was ranked as the most dog-friendly city in the United States. This is largely due to the number of resources available for pet owners such as hiking opportunities, dog-friendly restaurants and doggy daycare. Who wouldn’t want to take their dog with them to shop? In Seattle, this is made possible.

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