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How Amazon Is Taking Over Other Ad Platforms

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Amazon has created their own ad platform that changed the way digital marketing and digital advertising works.

Someone who is new to the game might think that Google AdWords is the only way to go, and they night have thought that Facebook would help them get ahead. However, they have new options in what Amazon is doing, and there is a look at why Amazon is becoming the best place for people to go who want better digital options. Online companies are often searching for cheaper and easier ways to manage marketing, and they should consider Amazon if they think they need new places to advertise.

Amazon Has Surpassed Microsoft

Amazon has already surpassed Microsoft in terms of advertising. The digital marketing world has been rife with Microsoft ads, but Microsoft has not improved their system as much as the people at Amazon have. Amazon is coming out with new ways for people to advertise, and they have improved their platform to make it as user-friendly as possible. There are several different ways for people to use Amazon because they have affiliate programs, PPC ads, and ads that run on search engines along with shopping results.

Amazon Is Closing In Facebook And Google

Amazon is getting much closer to Facebook and Google for their overall marketing programs, and that tight gap has caused both Facebook and Google to make changes to their own platforms. There is no way to know if Amazon could overtake both companies, but Amazon is clearly the third viable option in a market where people want to have as many choices as they can get for digital advertising. The company wants to have something that works just as well as Google and Facebook, and they might overcome both companies if they continue to improve at this rate.

Amazon Is A Serious Threat To Facebook And Google?

Amazon is a serious threat to both Google and Facebook, but the simple fact si that all three of these companies do completely different things. Facebook is a social network, and Google is a search engine. Amazon is an online market, and each company will probably have something to offer the public that will be useful. People who are trying to sell their products are much more likely to use Amazon because they can link right to the Amazon page. They will get more favorable affiliate ads, and they might get better advertising on shopping results through search engines. This is a very serious thing for people to consider if they are looking for a better way to advertise.

Affiliate Ads

The affiliate ads that are created through Amazon are helpful because they go right to the Amazon page that people have created. The affiliate ads pay the people who post them, and the rates will likely be more favorable because there is no middleman. Amazon is doing all the work, and that makes the affiliate ad pay off more for both parties.

Amazon's Interface

Amazon might well create the best interface for their advertising because they have done such a good job with apps in the past. Amazon could surpass both Facebook and Google because their apps are meant for searching and social media. Amazon can focus on the ads that people need to create, and that means that the user who only has so much time in their day can invest a little bit of time in ads instead of being frustrated for half the day.

Amazon's Reach

Amazon has a reach greater than both google and Facebook because almost everyone uses Amazon in some way. They have a way of attaching their ads to news articles in the Washington Post, and they have a network or entertainment that will accept their ads. Amazon is uniquely positioned for this, and that is why their ads are catching up to the elite.


Amazon ads could be the next big thing for most companies, and they will help small companies more than any other. People who have very little time to use an advertising program will find Amazon to be simpler, and they can get ads just as fast as they would with Facebook and Google.

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