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Apples iOS 12 Speeds Up Olders iPhones

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Apple's new iOS 12 update actually improves performance of old iPhones better than ever. No more losing performance with new software update. 


Apple users are about to get a vast upgrade when it comes to the processing power of older model phones. We're all probably thinking the same thing-Apple is trying to push yet another update on us. If you've been a long-time fan of Apple, you may have had some bad experiences with iOS updates in the past. Considering how buggy the iOS 11 update made some iPhones, no one can really blame you. New Apple updates aren't exactly something that works for every iPhone user. The good news is that the emergence of iOS 12 is a vast improvement from what we've seen in the past. Software Developers at Apple report that the performance of iPhones as old as the 2013 iPhone 5's will increase exceptionally. Reviewers at Engadget approximate that this new update could sustain even older models for up to a year.

Let's take a second to review the perks that Software Developers and average users alike get to experience, thanks to this new update. 

For one thing, users that installed the new update on their old iOS devices experienced a drastic speed increase. According to a recent 2018 study conducted by Stan Schroeder, 41% of iPhone users reported a dramatic speed increase with the newest iOS update. Schroeder himself, a professional IT Journalist, reports that the update has made his iPad Mini 2 run like new. This is not the only device compatible with the new iOS 12-The new update is compatible with over 20 different devices, which is something that could not be said of the previous iOS updates. A recent article by Jacob Siegal denotes some of the performance enhancements listed on the update. The speed increase of things like keyboard display increased to 50%, while apps are able to launch two times faster, which is great news for people in Mobile app development. With an update that can boast over 81% functionality on active iOS devices over a five-year span, it's no wonder that current Apple users are impressed with the recent performance increase. 

Everyday users can find great benefits from the update as well, such as group Facetime calls and custom Animoji. In a recent Beta testing detailed in this article from The Sun, iPhone users stated that the new update made even older gen models such as the iPhone 5 and 6 run like new. The reason this new update functions so well is in the way Apple's processors work. The ramp-up time for your processor is much shorter than it used to be, thanks to this new update. This is great news for any user who doesn't have the type of budget to afford newer models like the iPhone XS Max, or the iPhone XR. You can actually save money by utilizing this update to restore your older device. 

A common concern for many new buyers in the tech industry is that many Apple products require the addition of too many extra accouterments.

With the amount of extra equipment that some newer models of iPhone tend to need, from wireless headphones to extra adapters for charging, there became a large question of whether the updates we saw to the hardware and software of Apple devices was necessary. It becomes evident that Apple heard this from their audience, which is why this update has created such a drastic shift from the typical pattern of past iOS updates. The new update places an emphasis on restoring older devices and extending their shelf life. There are other features present in the update that promote healthier smartphone usage. Conservation seems to be the name of the game with features like Bedtime Mode, which is designed to reduce the brightness of your screen, immediately silence your incoming calls, and improve your sleeping experience. Screen Time is another feature that lets the user control their app usage, whether you do that to decrease the amount of time you spend on certain apps or utilize it to control what your children can and cannot access on your phone. iPhones with this update will also offer Linked Screen Time as part of their Family Sharing feature, making it more user-friendly for parents. The new format for your notifications is a lot simpler in this update, so your screen won't be flooded with a barrage of notifications from the same app. iOS 12 has presented itself with more accessible features that make phone navigation a simpler, more enjoyable experience for its users. 

While the theme of iOS 12 is centered on conservation and improved performance, the typical sleek, minimalist design we expect from an Apple update is still present.

The format of iOS 12 pulls no punches aesthetically. Users will notice a smoother, more seamless transition when they do things as simple as swiping through apps, navigating messages, or utilizing BedTime. The Books and News apps feature a new design on both smartphones and tablets. You may also notice simple design changes, like the clock on tablets being moved to the left. The changes in design will be evident for older iPhone and tablet users alike. Design features like this alone can give older devices a fresh look and make them feel like new. 

Although this update is still in its beginning stages, users seem to be experiencing little to no problems navigating the beta version. A number of users report that they have been unable to find bugs on their end, which is something unheard of in updates past. Ed Hardy reports that although the update is still in beta, the team at Cult of Mac have experienced no issues with speed, processing, or stability.

This new update is unlike any before.

When we invest in new technology, we have a certain level of expectation when it comes to the durability of our gadgets. We want to pay for tech that gives us more of a return on our investment, and this new update is doing that by re-vamping older iPhone models. Apple is a company that remains dedicated to giving its users the longest term usage with their devices. We've always been able to enjoy products for years under the Apple name, and this newest update is no exception. iOS 12 ensures that its new and old phones still demonstrate an exceptional amount of functionality and design even five years down the line. Given the recent reviews from iOS users, this new update promises to do more for older iPhones in terms of speed, processing power, and design.


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