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Digital Advertising is Amazon's Next Big Thing!

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Digital Advertising is overdue for a shake-up. In the past, it was television that was hungry for content. It was known as a new medium that slowly adapted to the changing of times. Today, Digital Ads are heading in a new direction and are driving sales and ROI for many brands. 

Amazon is home to many inventors. If you are one of the upcoming business professionals or internet marketing gurus, this is the place to be. The E-commerce platform is delving into digital ads. From the look of things, it is unstoppable. Its stock is also rising at an alarming rate since it has dominated public cloud services and of course e-commerce. Today, Amazon's stock is worth $2,000.

How is Amazon growing its Stock?

As Amazon continues to grow its stock, people have questioned the strategies used. The brand has a massive rally in stocks because it uses a particular business model to increase its sales and charge the current growth.

Using Digital Advertising to Grow Business

With the advent of digital marketing and advertising, most brands have taken up the challenge to incorporate the modern ways of business. Amazon has not been left behind as it understands the benefits of integrating digital marketing in its expansion. Since 80% of consumers shop online, the brand has vastly incorporated digital marketing into its business plan.

Benefits of Digital Ads to Amazon

Amazon is using digital advertising to reach out to prospects. Since its establishment, the company has indulged more than 2,000 clients online. Also, compared to other visited websites, Amazon's online advertising business is relatively low. Nevertheless, that is expected to change because Amazon is implementing some strategies to build its online presence through advertising. With that said, in three years, the brand's biggest profit provider could be digital ads.

Cheap Stocks for Business

With online advertising, Amazon stocks could experience tremendous growth. For instance, when the profits increase, its shares go higher. Therefore, in the next coming years, Amazon's profits will receive a tremendous boost thanks to the rise in the digital ad business. Perhaps with these statistics, Amazon's stocks could shoot up.

Additional Information

From a different angle, Amazon's ad business is in a high position to contribute approximately $20 billion in the coming years. But, that is not a big deal for Amazon since the digital business is profitable to the point of giving Amazon $5 billion plus.


The world is in the era of embracing online content. Social Media giant Facebook is struggling to remain relevant by creating viable content through the manageable news feed. For Amazon, digital ads come in handy for the development of the brand. The next few years will see this brand expand into a trillion dollar e-commerce business.

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