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Is This the End for Facebook?

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Lately Facebook has had some trouble. There have been many privacy and security issues with the site. Multiple issues with the site have made investors a little wary about keeping the stock they had on hand. They have sold some or all the shares they had. 

There were too many investors who sold most or all their shares of Facebook stock that the price of the stock dramatically became reduced. Many think this is perhaps the beginning of the end for the social media conglomerate. With the loss of so much stock it is a wonder if Facebook will survive. 

Facebook is more than a social media platform.

They have ventured into showing advertisements on their website. This is not something for large eCommerce stores like Amazon. The Facebook advertising is for anyone. Prices for the Facebook digital marketing are reasonable that even a startup on a shoestring digital advertising budget can handle them. 

When considering digital marketing on social media sites such as Facebook companies need to concern themselves only with the demographics the digital advertising campaigns are being shown to. Facebook is an advertising platform for musicians, eCommerce, and brick-and-mortar stores. They have their own market on Facebook. 

When creating an advertisement for Facebook a business entity need only add media and writing. There is video advertising that is also available on Facebook. This is the largest of all social media sites. When many people think about what social media advertising will yield them the best results the think of Facebook first. 

Mark Zuckerberg is positioned to lead the social media platform to even further heights.

Many are concerned Mark Zuckerberg will have too much power and authoritarianism within his social media platform. There are people who do not think one person should have total control over the world and world's social interactions. 

Many people view Zuckerberg as a privileged child and therefore spoiled with his upbringing. They do not want to see someone like this have that much power over the world. There are many communities and cultures in the world. These communities and cultures are unique to their own parts of the world. Giving on person total control over the world's populations and their social media habits would be detrimental to the uniqueness of these societies. 
This would include the United States. While there is no one culture and one ethnic background living in the United States there is a uniqueness to the United States. No one, especially those who are true to the United States beliefs, wants to see any one person dominate anything. Facebook is a digital marketing platform that dominates the social media atmosphere. When, you think about it in perspectives to American's beliefs this is monopolizing the social media exchanges. 

It will be interesting to see how the digital advertising and social media platform will recover. There is no telling what will happen from here. Many people in Zuckerberg's corner are rooting for him with the utmost confidence.

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