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Will AI Make Advertising Obsolete?

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Advertising and its methods developed alongside humans. As technology grew, marketing grew with it, always utilizing new inventions, communication platforms, advertising mediums, etc. Knowing that advertising is closely related to technology, it is undeniable that technologies such as AI, IoT or Blockchain will change the way marketing works.

Brief Visit to History

Pinpointing the origin of advertising is difficult. In fact, if we look at the advertising as it is, without any subjective opinions on it, we would see that it is a method of sending data. Wikipedia writes that ancient civilizations used advertising methods to spread the king's word across the kingdoms rapidly.

Today, when most people think of advertising, they instantly think "ads." Well, it all started in June 1836, in France. A paper by the name La Presse wanted to stay in business, so they started including ads in their papers (for a fee, of course.) Their plan worked, allowing the newspapers to lower the prices of the paper, but still grow revenues.

Very soon, others joined the game. Now, think of every other medium, especially radio and TV. Logically, companies saw it as a method of presenting their products on local, regional, even national level. And then came the Internet and brought a global level with it.

Digital Transformation

Digital marketing is the name of the game for today's companies. What is it? Well, digital marketing isn't merely a computerized traditional market; it's much more than that. Also, digital advertising is a much more complicated way of presenting the product to the end-user, through SEO, influencers, content creation, content marketing, and so forth.

Consider all the tools of digital marketing: Android, iPhone, Google, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, to name a few. Naturally, everybody embraced these new tools, seeing them as a way to generate profit.

This usage of social media created a non-linear approach, where companies not only talk about their products but also listen to what their customers are saying. But, some say that marketing has yet to undergo its historical change; the birth of AI.

The Future of Advertising

Thus far, we only discussed how marketing always grew with new technologies. But is it possible that technology not only changes marketing but replaces it with something new? Some suggest that today's digital advertising will become obsolete, due to the rapid development of AI.

According to some predictions, AI will be the one to buy products for us, from clothes to food (think of Jarvis in Iron Man.) Why make ads if no-one watches them? But AI is just one example of new technologies can radically transform the marketing.

Another example is Blockchain, which emphasizes privacy and anonymity on the internet. Remember, digital advertising includes targeted advertising, especially via Facebook and Google ads. Well, programs like Adblocker are already disrupting the method of targeted ads.

More importantly, many argue that the Blockchain will return power to the consumers, allowing them to limit what ads they want or don't want to receive. Some browsers like brave already implemented the principles of Blockchain, creating a browser that blocks popups and ads, with the help of BAT device.


AI, cryptocurrency, live ads; they all have important lore to play in the future of marketing. AI will, without a doubt, play a vital role in the way marketing works, maybe even make it obsolete. Until them, it is imperative that companies (especially those that want to create a top-tier brand) utilize technologies that are at their disposal.

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