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AR ads Coming to Facebook

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Facebook Moves Forward the Digital Advertising Model with Augmented Reality

Facebook is one of the online platforms that is always working to improve their digital advertising channels. Being an ad pioneer in social media advertising for targeted audiences, Facebook is now exploring a new era of advertisement using Augmented Reality. However, what is Augmented Reality? And, how is it going to affect your Facebook feed? Let us dive into these details and how it can be a great tool for you!

What is Augmented Reality or AR?

AR is a combination of the real world with the virtual world through a virtual display. AR enriches your visual experience online giving you the opportunity to see, feel and explore through virtual reality. AR allows you to browse through catalogs while seeing products with 3D technology. Hence, as a user, you’ll be able to do things such as trying on accessories, games, and much more, before purchasing them.

AR typically requires a video camera, a screen, and a pre-installed software to work. It is becoming more and more popular with different Apps, such as Snapchat and Instagram, and now Facebook is taking this technology to take digital advertisement to the next level.

If you enjoy using filters for your videos, you are already enjoying Augmented Reality. You’ll then enjoy the new way Facebook is bringing advertisement for you.

How is Facebook using Augmented Reality for advertisement?

Since its inception, Facebook has changed the way companies reach their wanted audiences online through customization. Thanks to Augmented Reality, you will now be able to try products to also make an informed decision customized to your needs.

Although this technology is still in a test phase, a few companies have been granted access to this type of advertisement. One of them is Michael Kors. If you run into one of their ads, you’ll be able to try on Michael Kors sunglasses and decide from the comfort of your location your favorite pair of shades. Purchasing and receiving these items at home will be easier and more convenient than ever.

Undecided about the perfect lipstick for your outfit? A few makeup companies are also now using this technology. You’ll encounter ads from Sephora and Bobbi Brown, among others, to try on the perfect shade of red for next Saturday night. You can try as many colors as you wish and make your selection without a salesperson following you around.

Facebook changed and continues to change the way digital advertising works. It is constantly evolving and adding new tools to make your purchase experience more pleasant and opportune. With more tools coming our way, such as shopping in Instagram, and new Video Creation kits that will allow advertisers to incorporate images into templates for video ads.

Augmented Reality is planned to be in full effect by the time you have to do your holiday shopping this year. Whether you are an advertiser or a user, these are some exciting tools to learn and enjoy as we approach the holiday season.

AR ad on Facebook

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