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Google Re-Brands and Reloads

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Google Reloaded: A Re-Branding of Popular Google Products to Justify The Societal Move To Mobile Devices

The Move to Mobile

Technology seems to surpass itself at alarming rates. In what seems like one moment the best available computer system on the market turns into an outdated dinosaur the next moment. This encompasses the entire technological world, from gaming systems to cellular devices, desktop PC's to tablets. Developers and Tech gurus spend their work days in a continuous state of catch-up, working to keep user’s personal data safe and develop the newest applications cohesively, avoiding the sacrifice of one for the other.

Everyone Knows Google

The name Google has become a definable term even by dictionary standards. It has become a common household term and is used even by educators. This doesn't only mean the multi-billion-dollar company, inclusively it carries a responsibility to the millions (if not billions) of users that depend on Google's wide spectrum of products and services.

Google Adapts to The Changing Web

Google is aware of the changing world of internet space as well. As the technology of mobile devices improve, the user base increases. In fact, more people use mobile devices than desktops. Most of us can relate to the fact that unless you have duties that need a computer specifically, you are likely browsing and participating in social media on your phone or tablet. Google is changing the way that Ads are used in digital marketing spaces, due to the downturn of desktop PC usage.

Changing the Face of Ad Marketing

Compensating for this new era of the former digital division, Google LLC. has re-branded digital advertising into 3 categories, changing the names of the formerly known digital marketing techniques, and 'revamped' its ad space in this area that earns Google a ton of revenue.

Meet the Trio

The advertising products and services offered by Google are now branded under three titles. The first is now called Google Ads, which was formerly titled AdWords uses a bidding system where advertisers compete for keywords, and once they are clicked by users, the price they bid for the purchased keywords is what they pay Google for each click. The function of this product really isn't changing on a measurable scale, rather how the digital advertising is reaching users. Google developers wanted to make the most out of how the ads worked with mobile devices and simplify the experience.

Target and Track

The second category will merge both DoubleClick Digital Marketing and Google Analytics into the new, re-branded version the company calls Google Marketing Platform. This combination of services targets directed ads based on online activity, allows advertisers to publish ads on their websites, and is an advertiser-controlled marketing platform that allows specified time frames and other options. This is combined with tracking data about a website's traffic and what the visitor is clicking.

Controlling Your Space

The third and final platform, Google Ad Manager will be combining all of Google's publishing tools into this one brand. The basic function Ad Manager allows a website publisher to control their own ads, selling digital ad space to advertisers directly for publishing on their own site. For example, if you have a Blog and pay for space from Google, you can sell a spot on your page to a retailer in your city or whomever you like. Depending on your regular traffic and other variables determines the price advertisers are willing to pay for such a spot.

Charge More, More, More

With these changes however, Google will increase the cost of its services, likely the increase was planned anyway. This change gave the users something in return for the inflating rates.

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