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Facebook Cracks Down on Bad Businesses

Julian Written by 

The social media titan known as Facebook, has recently announced their plans to release new tools geared towards cracking down on bad businesses that advertise on the popular social media platform. Facebook users can now leave reviews about the service and products they received from a business advertised on Facebook. After purchasing a product or service, the customer can rate their experience and include detailed feedback of the business and their experience. These reviews help administrators crack down on offending businesses and keep them from advertising anymore. 

As Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world, tools that lets people report bad businesses will be used globally. Bad shopping experiences are nothing but headaches and stress for consumers. It's important to try to get rid of bad businesses so that everyone can have an enjoyable experience. When purchases take too long to be delivered, come damaged, or in a quality worse than that described, it costs the consumer both time and money. When someone sees an ad on Facebook and decides to make a purchase, it appears Facebook promotes cheap, unreliable products and business and it leaves Facebook users with a bad taste in their mouths for making future purchases from the Facebook platform all together. 

Facebook admins have taken note that consumers are complaining frequently that some of the businesses advertising on Facebook give incorrect shipping dates and misrepresents products. Therefore, users can now leave feedback for their viewed ads. These reviews prompt a quick survey where Facebook users have the option to rate the ads they just gave their feedback too. These reviews and surveys give business advertisers the chance to improve their product and services before further action, such as ad reduction, is taken on the business.

Facebook also gives poignant suggestions on how the businesses can improve, such as being more transparent and have better shipping and delivery turn-around, and easy ability to return the items. Facebook believes that these feedback and survey tools will give people confidence in the businesses they use and will hold online businesses accountable for customer service and product quality assurance. Most of the businesses that promote on the social media platform want to improve their reputation, as quality assurance and good products are what keep their business growing. These tools give businesses the nudge in the right direction to keep and maintain their customers as their first and foremost priority. 

There are some businesses that try to take advantage of their customers on purpose. Facebook has zero tolerance for scams and is does everything they can to get rid of scammers that are intentionally misleading their customers. Facebook has taken several steps to clean up fake news and get rid of scammers using their platform to prey on victims, as well as protecting personal data that people must share on the site.

Facebook is doing everything they can to help businesses do better, get rid of scammers, and keep users safe and happy!

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