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Advertise in Green - St. Patrick's Day Digital Party

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Advertise in Green - St. Patrick's Day Digital Party

There’s never a better time to implement a great marketing campaign than around holidays. Holidays seem to be tailor-made for memorable marketing, so there’s no better moment than right now to set up a clever strategy set around St. Patrick's day. Yes, yes we know that the holiday is known for its boozy ways, but there’s no reason you can’t throw a fun party for your audience without the booze.

As with any advertising campaigns, it’s important to think outside the box and get creative in order to see a campaign take flight. The very nature of St. Patrick's day is connected to the concept of a festive spirit and overall joyful celebrations. With that in mind, why not throw a St. Patrick’s party digitally? Here are three tips for throwing the perfect St. Patrick’s Party on social media.

1. Lucky Green

Why make it hard for yourself? Use the already established color palette: green! Highlight parts of your logo, website, and any other branding that are green, or toss in the lucky four leaf clover to keep attract the eye of every digital party-goer.

2. #Advertiseingreen

Create a hashtag that’s custom blended to represent your business and the spirit of the holidays. Our custom hashtag above lets our audience know what we do, and incorporates the St. Patrick’s day fun. Be sure to be as unique with your hashtag as you can to prevent your audience from being diverted to other sources.

3. Luck of the Irish

All party goers love goodie bags. Have a special social media discount or giveaway for one day only. Encourage your audience to invite others to the party and share the giveaway/discount announcement. Make it extra special by keeping on theme and offering something green or a 17% discount. You get the idea.

The Final Touches

There are many ways you could go about doing a social media party for this fun holiday. You can go as simple as creating a green themed Pinterest board, to as out there as creating a special product for the day. Whatever you choose, make sure that you have a plan laid out. Know which social platforms your audience is on and how your audience will engage is key. And whatever you do, remember to enjoy the day and make your own luck.

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