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Marketing automation is rarely spamming

If you use the internet today, you've undoubtedly seen spam on your profiles. Some Seattle business owners assume that because someone uses automation that what they're doing is spam. This is a big misconception and is completely untrue. Although sometimes what you're seeing is actually spam, other times it's a brilliant company leveraging new technology. Companies integrate marketing automation because it allows them to better their interaction with you! 

Big social media players support ethical automation

First, it's important to understand that with automation implementation comes a whole new set of rules and policies that companies must abide by. All the rules are very straightforward. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and more create the rules. The rules of automation are based on actual laws, and whatever else they feel like betters their community's user experience. Using marketing automation isn't going to put your accounts at risk unless you do it very poorly. Twitter's Sean Edgett recently said in
a US Senate hearing that, "Automation is not categorically prohibited on Twitter; in fact, it often serves a useful and important purpose." Facebook is also openly supporting the use of customer support chatbots for automating interaction on Facebook fan pages. 

Got a repetitive task? Build a robot

When you think about marketing automation, think about autonomously completing small tasks over and over again. These systematic approaches allow us to do things like schedule social media posts, automatically follow people who engage with our content, and much much more. At the root of every successful automation campaign, is a great product, service, or brand. Also, whether you're building automated customer support chatbots or using automated growth strategies to gain followers, you need exceptional content to keep your social accounts active. Although it sounds great, automation is not a good fit for all marketing plans. It takes a very well thought out support system plan and lots of outstanding content to be a good fit.

Need a vacation? Automation has you covered

Ethical automation is important because it enhances a profiles ability to interact with their audience. It ensures that even if you're away from social media for a few days your accounts can continue to assist your audience. This is especially good for your social media feed ranking. It also provides a solution for you to autonomously show your profile to new people. This, in turn, generates a bigger following. A bigger audience leads to more website views and purchases. 

If Automation is a good fit for your company be patient finding the right content management system.

Large amounts of companies use platforms like Hootsuite for scheduling days, weeks, or months’ worth of content posts. Content management systems also provide great data and analytics for your social accounts. They're great all in one user interfaces that allow you to manage all of your social media accounts simultaneously. What once took hours of time to manage can be automated. For people who have content or an array of questions customers typically ask, an automated system can easily support a turnkey solution. It will save you time, and money. No longer are the days of needing a human to sit on a Facebook fan page and answer questions all day. Just set up some software or integrate a content management app. Or hire someone to build a chatbot. After you do your posts and interactions will occur even when you sleep!

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