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Seattle Advertising is a marketing digital service. The services include digital marketing, brand development, mobile advertising, video marketing, social advertising, visual design, copywriting, video production and SEO consulting. Seattle Advertising must know its clients from the inside out. 


The purpose of digital marketing is for the world to put a stamp of approval on its clients. The keywords are ranking and placement, using an algorithm code to pinpoint its client;s customers. Seattle Marketing's goal is to position the client and its customer's side by side. 

Essential, efficient marketing establishes a profile of the client's customers. Digital advertising is prepared for all web formats, including social media, such as Facebook.

Brand Development

Advertising products and services are not enough if your product or service does not stand out from the crowd of your competitors. Seattle Advertising will brand, humanize your business, giving it an identity, a personality and focus. People like a good story and branding symbolically tells that story through messaging.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising seeks out your customer who is tech smart, enticing a tap to uncover the world of your business. Mobile Advertising positions your business in the most successful and widely used apps.

Web content stands out in mobile devices more significantly than on a desk top computer using a standard browser. The number of clicks speaks to the strength and relevancy of the ad space and the marketing strategy.


Customers like to use all their senses when they search the internet to find information, sparking their interest. A video is the best way to optimize searching by linking words to videos telling your story through pictures placing your ad on Google's first page. 

The purpose of a video marketing campaign is to trumpet your website. Video welcomes your customer to enter your business by those who surf the web.


The first page of an internet search will bring up the social media sites with digital advertising. The purpose of social media is for people to have conversations. 

Social advertising promotes discussions, and along with branding, potential customers will become attracted to your business which will be placed on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

All social media sites will tell a consistent story about your business. Seattle Advertising will continually update your story on all social media sites, creating more "likes" for your business and more traffic.


Your potential customers will first see your business in a visual medium through your pictures, color schemes, the size of fonts and graphics. Your company will look fashionable and tasteful. 

Capturing your customer's eyes is as important as written content. Your brand will have an exciting, vital, uncontroversial and appropriate look of success. 


The words that Seattle Advertising use about your business speak for themselves and your brand by speaking to your customers. We talk to your customers through press releases, informative blog articles, print ads and social media, to encourage clicks. We use words about the expertise of your company as an authority in your area of excellence. 


Our production team will create a documentary focusing on your business's staff and your facilities. The importance of a video production, as a tool of digital advertising, is to finely tune your business goals, in an entertaining and interesting way.


No matter what your business needs, Seattle Advertising has the experience and expertise to help you grow your business. 

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The new reaches of your market community are yours to enjoy. And your continued partnership as you grow is ours to enjoy.

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