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5 Keys for Increasing Client Engagement on Your Website

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In order to get more traffic and more sales, you have to be engaging the visitors on your website on a consistent basis. When your website is boring and unappealing, why would anyone want to hang around much less interact with the content? The following 5 digital marketing tips for increasing client engagement are a breeze to implement and will have a huge positive impact on your traffic and sales.

1. Increasing Your Global Reach
Start by adding more of the content that your readers are interested in. If you are promoting fitness products in Seattle WA, search Google Trends each day to see what the masses are talking about in the Northwest. Then all you do is write or have someone write a 700 word article on that subject and drop it on your website. As far as digital advertising, head over to a few discussion groups related to your niche and link your signature to your new content. As long as you include the right keywords, it will get ranked and bring in some fresh new eyes.

2. The Power of Social Media
On the subject of those new articles that you are posting, make sure that you are including social share buttons with each. The name of the game with digital marketing is spreading the word, and those social buttons make it easy for a new visitor to continue the conversation by getting their inner circle involved. This way, once you have done the heavy lifting, your readers will shoulder some of the load and increase your internet reach.

3. Giving Your Visitors a Voice
Each time you post anything on your website, make certain there is a section for customer comments. Whether the visitor can comment on a topic or rate a service, the more interaction means the more the search engine spiders will be crawling to see what all the excitement is about. This also gives future visitors some insight into your business from the perspective of those not employed by your company.

4. Giving Away the Farm
The key to digital advertising is giving away more in value than you take in money. If you can find a free e-book or PDF on fitness tips in Seattle WA, as long as you have the rights, offer it as a free gift to your audience in return for their e-mail address. Now you can start sending them personalized messages with things they may be interested in down the road.

5. Feedback is Essential
The power of suggestion can't be underestimated when it comes to your website. Just like a suggestion box at a local land-based business, having a section in the navigation bar of your website for visitors to suggest items or content for your website is a gold mine. Offer a special promo-code on discounted merchandise as a thanks for a visitor taking time to offer you help in growing your business and global reach.

These five tips for increasing your website traffic and client engagement won't take long to begin to show the fruits of that labor. Just stick to the plan and make sure that you are taking action each day to increase that traffic.

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