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Social Media: Tips for Using Social Media for Business

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As surprising as this might seem, social media presents a very useful tool for growing your business. Yes, it’s possible to take your business to the next level with social media. Imagine what your business can gain by being exposed to more than 2 billion people around the world who use social media. Getting your business in front of even 1,000 people on social media, and convincing them to buy what you sell, would be great for your bottom line.

Some of the steps worth taking include:

  • Aligning the content with the right message
  • Posting popular and unpopular content
  • Striking the right balance between business and popularity
  • Using social media for amplifying all the efforts your business does to market itself

For this to happen, you need to consider the following first.


Without a doubt, consistency is an important quality to develop in every business. Consistency in opening the business every day without fail, selling quality products (and services), reaching out to customers, and posting the right stuff on social media is highly advisable. You have to know when to post, how to post, and what to post on all the social media profiles that your business operates. The message has to be consistent every time you post on social media.

Embracing All

Having favorites is good. Everybody has a favorite dress, food, restaurant, TV show, and person. Similarly, it’s normal for some people to prefer Facebook to Twitter, or vice versa. The downside to this is you never know the clients you’re missing out on by choosing one platform over another. Therefore, embrace all social media networks. Be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and any other where your business is likely to reach out to more customers.


It’s impossible to imagine marketing your business on social media without optimizing the content. Optimizing content should be done with the knowledge that each social media platform is different in many ways. It’s important to know what to post. It’s not possible to post the same thing on all social media platforms. Instagram is for posting photos. Long posts should be on LinkedIn. Videos should go on Facebook. Twitter is for short, snappy announcements.

Monitor and Act

It’s not enough to use and post on all social media networks every day. What you also need is to track results of the marketing campaigns (and ads) that you run on these platforms. Monitor and act. Make changes where necessary. Above all, put more attention on the networks that demonstrate better results. Maximize the opportunity by posting more content on the network(s) that show the desired results. 

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