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Digital Age Advertising Strategies

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What are the Best Tricks and Strategies for Advertising Your Business in the Digital Age?

What is the most effective way of advertising your business or products in this digital era? It’s universally accepted that the marketing industry can’t afford to be left in the past. Some traditional marketing strategies no longer create the desired results. In an age where the Internet is more dominant than ever before and mobile devices are more sophisticated, it is imperative that you learn new tricks and strategies if customers are to remember and buy from you.

The digital era has come with plenty of benefits. It’s now easier to do a lot of things than ever before. For example, the age has brought mobile phones and the Internet which make communication easier for individuals, organizations, and businesses. However, it has also brought a few challenges to the fore. Marketing has gone through a massive change. Businesses now must find more efficient ways of marketing their stuff. New levels of creativity are required.

Fortunately, the best strategies and tricks for digital advertising in this age include:

Personalize Your Message

It’s true that humans are probably living in one of the most impersonal generations in history. While that is true, a modern business can’t afford to ignore the importance of personalizing the message being relayed through any advertisement. Customizing the message is all about tailoring the ad around the shopping habits and needs or interests of the target audience. Forty-four percent of most customers have no problem receiving ads with their names or addresses.

Ignore Email at Your Risk

The email is still as useful as it has ever been. The digital age requires embracing Internet marketing. There’s no Internet or online marketing without emails. Where customer acquisition is concerned, email gives better results than social media. Apart from that, emails are not only more economical but also cost-effective. Emails are personable. More importantly, they are also customizable. Email is crucial to brand development.

Other reasons that should convince you to continue using emails are:

  1. they are action oriented
  2. their results are measurable
  3. they are accessible via most mobile devices

Emulate Best Practices on Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are successful marketing tools in the digital age because of three qualities - responsiveness, impact, and engagement. You can learn and pick these practices up from these platforms too by copying what some of the best schools do. Check how other businesses are engaging with their customers. Observe how the best schools and organizations respond to their customers’ requests. Learn from the impact the best schools have too.

Keep Influencers Close

The digital age has brought a group of people called influencers to the fore. Influencers are becoming impossible to ignore because customers rely on them for product recommendations. They are the equivalent of friends to most customers, who relate with them at a personal level and follow every word they say. Therefore, you have no choice other than to embrace and work with influencers to market your products. Nurture your relationship with the influencers too. 

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