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Relevance and Importance of Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing is one of the hottest areas of the economy right now. The creation of social media platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others have simplified the way we study customers.

In fact, the numbers are promising when it comes to social media marketing. This tool has 100 percent higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing and millions of entrepreneurs use it to sell tons of product every single day.

There is not a single successful business not using social media marketing. In our days, having a solid presence in social media is almost mandatory. Daily, millions of people check their profiles every single second. People don’t check their profile just once, but dozens of times per day at least.


Almost everybody has a smartphone, 98 percent of the people. Potentially, every living person in this world is a potential customer because it’s more likely to have social media accounts. If you don’t follow the latest social media marketing practices, your brand will miss out and could fail.

Being such a powerful tool, social media marketing must be taken seriously. There are no doubts about its potential and there is plenty of evidence backing it up.

In fact, there are tons of stores, brands, and companies operating exclusively with social media accounts. Platforms like Facebook offers the perfect condition to promote and sell products.

Social media marketing also gives potential to keep in touch with customers. That’s fundamental to create and develop products towards the customer’s needs.

Using social media has the added benefit of boosting a site’s SEO. When you have a solid presence in social media and you’re constantly seeking to earn traffic but updating your social media and blog posts, search engines will know it.

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