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Digital Advertising Predictions for 2017

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Digital Marketing 2017 Digital Marketing 2017

The performance in Digital Advertising in 2016 underwent several upheavals. There were reports of fake news in the social media. Advertisers now must prioritize what they feel is authentic news. There are some fundamental changes happening in the social media. One has to ask the relevant questions like:

•           Who am I speaking to?

•           Where and when am I finding them?

•           What am I serving people?

•           Do I have data to back up my decisions?

Audio Voice Services

It is expected that there will be an emergence of voice audio as part of advertising features. The launch will likely lead to stiff competition among other internet services as brand development becomes the center of Digital Advertisement.

Presence of Influencers

It is expected that influencers will make a great impact in the digital advertising world.  It will really be a moment of reckoning in 2017 as the digital content traditionally influenced by millennials, gets shaken to its core by influencers. The question is: is the establishment ready for the shake-up?

Telecommunications will start targeting advertisers

We are accustomed to the battle for digital content being fought by online companies. The share of the pie is expected to reduce as telecommunication companies try to make inroads into advertising in the digital world. We cannot ignore the possible impact that the entry of the telecom companies will have on digital advertising and brand development.  Cable brands should also be expected after a long hiatus in the periphery. Exciting times await us. We can only keep our fingers crossed as 2017 unfolds.

Behavioral Signals

It is expected that behavioral signals will come into play. Behavior data will be processed by the search engines to determine human experience. Though this might appear as impossible, there are all indications that human behavior is increasingly influencing the way digital content is being used.  Also, eye scanning technology is also emerging and being developed now.

Emerging markets

You might not have heard about the internet ‘lite’ but the intermittent access to the bandwidth is pushing large markets offline. Shifting to cloud in the first world does not mean that the rest of world has done the same thing. India and China remain potential players in the offline market for the better part of the coming year. The lack of high -speed connection remains an impediment to many companies remaining fully digital.

As we welcome in the New Year, the focus is shifting from what people are saying to what they do!

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