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8 Indicted In Massive Digital Advertising Conspiracy

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Eight men have been indicted by the U.S. Justice Department, accused of a sprawling campaign of advertising fraud that utilized nearly two million hijacked computer systems and hundreds of servers across dozens of datacenters worldwide, costing advertising networks tens of millions in payments for ad views that never reached a human eye.  A Massive Criminal Undertaking  Operating under the codename “3ve,” the fraud scheme was massive in scope and complicated in execution. First detected in 2017, the exact beginnings are uncertain, but it is highly likely the botnet was operating for a significant amount of time earlier than initial discovery. The plot made use of a network of hijacked devices infected through the typical methods: attachments in trapped emails and mislabeled downloads scattered throughout the Internet. The exact size, scope, and location of the botnet and the servers managing it shifted constantly, making it much harder to pin down and…

How To Advertise Doorbuster & Black Friday Deals

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Advertising Black Friday deals and doorbusters is a major part of how a company becomes profitable near the end fo the year. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become some of the biggest shopping days of the year, and most companies will do much of their business on these two days. They tend to make money all the way through the Black Friday weekend because they will start early and go all the way through Cyber Monday. Your advertisements must be built in a way that they appeal to everyone who wants to get a good deal. Daily Deals You would do well to create daily deals for your company that change from Friday to Saturday and into the weekend. Your Black Friday deals could be different from Cyber Monday, and you could have a different promotion for each day of the weekend. The idea is to get people to…

What is Decentralized Web?

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Decentralized web, also referred to as Web 3.0 is a next generation internet built around the increasing common blockchain technology. The new web will be a peer to peer network where each of the users will own their data, storage and computing resources will be provided by end users in distributed networks, data will be portable, apps will run locally in user devices, and the computing platforms will be autonomous and decentralized. Several new technologies are moving us to the era of the next generation internet which include the rapid development and utilization of the blockchain technology, the Internet of Things, datafication and rapid growth of advanced analytics.    What of Web 1.0 and 2.0? Web 1.0 was the first-generation World Wide Web created in the 1990s based on HTTP technology. The technology worked by linking documents from different computers and making it possible to access the documents on the…

How Amazon Is Taking Over Other Ad Platforms

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Amazon has created their own ad platform that changed the way digital marketing and digital advertising works. Someone who is new to the game might think that Google AdWords is the only way to go, and they night have thought that Facebook would help them get ahead. However, they have new options in what Amazon is doing, and there is a look at why Amazon is becoming the best place for people to go who want better digital options. Online companies are often searching for cheaper and easier ways to manage marketing, and they should consider Amazon if they think they need new places to advertise. Amazon Has Surpassed Microsoft Amazon has already surpassed Microsoft in terms of advertising. The digital marketing world has been rife with Microsoft ads, but Microsoft has not improved their system as much as the people at Amazon have. Amazon is coming out with new…

Apples iOS 12 Speeds Up Olders iPhones

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Apple's new iOS 12 update actually improves performance of old iPhones better than ever. No more losing performance with new software update.    Apple users are about to get a vast upgrade when it comes to the processing power of older model phones. We're all probably thinking the same thing-Apple is trying to push yet another update on us. If you've been a long-time fan of Apple, you may have had some bad experiences with iOS updates in the past. Considering how buggy the iOS 11 update made some iPhones, no one can really blame you. New Apple updates aren't exactly something that works for every iPhone user. The good news is that the emergence of iOS 12 is a vast improvement from what we've seen in the past. Software Developers at Apple report that the performance of iPhones as old as the 2013 iPhone 5's will increase exceptionally. Reviewers at…

Happy 20th Birthday Google

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Google will no longer be a teenager as of September 27th, 2018. Numerous websites have incorrectly reported that Google already turned 20, because in years past Google has celebrated their birthday on September 7th. The truth of the matter is that Google will offically turn 20 on September 27th, the day Google officially celebrates their birthday. While we are absolutely convinced that the most important years for Google are still ahead, this is a great time to examine the history of Google as it is very close to becoming the second $1 trillion valued company. Apple became the first $1 trillion publicaly traded company on August 2nd.  Google Started as a Ph.D. Project When Larry Page first visited Stanford as a prospective student his tour guide was the first-year student Sergey Brin. The two initially argued about everything. In fact, it was not until Larry Page's academic advisor suggested that…

Digital Advertising is Amazon's Next Big Thing!

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Digital Advertising is overdue for a shake-up. In the past, it was television that was hungry for content. It was known as a new medium that slowly adapted to the changing of times. Today, Digital Ads are heading in a new direction and are driving sales and ROI for many brands.  Amazon is home to many inventors. If you are one of the upcoming business professionals or internet marketing gurus, this is the place to be. The E-commerce platform is delving into digital ads. From the look of things, it is unstoppable. Its stock is also rising at an alarming rate since it has dominated public cloud services and of course e-commerce. Today, Amazon's stock is worth $2,000. How is Amazon growing its Stock? As Amazon continues to grow its stock, people have questioned the strategies used. The brand has a massive rally in stocks because it uses a particular business…

Blockchain Technology and Digital Advertising

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Blockchain Technology is revolutionizing a number of industries. Today's Digital Advertising industry faces a number of challenges and Blockchain technology can bring transparency, efficiency and reliable high-quality data. The hype over blockchain technology has grown in bounds for the past few years. A lot of people have gained trust in this latest technology and have invested thousands of dollars according to recent statistics. Even though most investors have their eyes focused on blockchain because of digital currencies, there is much more that can be gained from blockchain technology such as advertising. In fact, many technology and financial experts believe that investing in the blockchain technology for the purposes of digital advertising could be a game changer in the advertising world. Before going further on how advertisers can use blockchain, it is important for you to understand how the technology works. Blockchain technology allows digital information to be distributed and not…

Is This the End for Facebook?

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Lately Facebook has had some trouble. There have been many privacy and security issues with the site. Multiple issues with the site have made investors a little wary about keeping the stock they had on hand. They have sold some or all the shares they had.  There were too many investors who sold most or all their shares of Facebook stock that the price of the stock dramatically became reduced. Many think this is perhaps the beginning of the end for the social media conglomerate. With the loss of so much stock it is a wonder if Facebook will survive.  Facebook is more than a social media platform. They have ventured into showing advertisements on their website. This is not something for large eCommerce stores like Amazon. The Facebook advertising is for anyone. Prices for the Facebook digital marketing are reasonable that even a startup on a shoestring digital advertising…
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