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Fraternities Partnerning with Tinder and Bumble

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University Students Must Register with the Dating Apps To Gain Entrance to Parties It seems that mobile apps today will do just about anything to reach the coveted 18-24 demographic. It is being reported that popular dating apps Tinder and Bumble are forming odd partnerships with college fraternities, in which they are providing cash as well as merchandise and the sponsorship of parties in exchange for the fraternities requiring that their party guests sign up for one of the apps. According to the report, each fraternity must sign up for either Tinder or Bumble, as the contracts require exclusivity. The fraternities afterward receive cash for each new user they sign up, in addition to getting branded gear for the parties as well as help covering the costs of them. At the moment, is not exactly clear just how widespread these contractual relationships are, as both apps refused to divulge this…

Second Phone Number App

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A smartphone is likely one of your most prized possessions. However, having only one phone number can cause problems. That's why you should consider adding a secondary phone number. Adding a second phone number allows you to protect your personal number. You may be able to get another number from your service provider. However, the most popular method of acquiring another phone number is through downloading a second phone number app. With that being said, here is a look at the top secondary phone number apps currently on the market. Burner Burner was originally created to help people receive a temporary number. However, users are now able to receive a permanent number. Burner offers users two packages. The shorter package gives you 2 weeks with limited talk, time, and text messages. The longer plan allows you to keep the secondary number for as long as you need. A three line…

What is the " Storm Area 51 Raid" all about?

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Storm Area 51. It's lightly guarded and it can't handle a mass of people. Let's go and see them aliens. In terms of reach, it's a meme that has digital marketing professionals salivating. With over 2 million people checking in for the September 20th event, it's gone far beyond the initial joke and taken a life of its own. There are apparently a million people out there who love the idea of storming a secretive government facility to see what's inside, and the internet has come alive with people looking to take advantage of the phenomenon. Like so many other things, this particular bit of digital wackiness started off as a joke. By this point in time, the secret of what's at - or at least, what's not at - Area 51 is actually pretty well known. The Nevada base has, at least officially, been home to some of the…

Is Social Media Actually GOOD for your mental health?

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Scientist believe life events and social changes NOT technology is to blame for mental distress. A new study suggest social media may actually benefit and improve our well-being. New York Post This article examined a recent study from Michigan State University Professor Keith Hampton. Hampton tracked more than 13,000 students from 2015-2016. These results ran contrary to popular wisdom, noting that social media users are 63% less likely to undergo "serious psychological stress" within a one-year period. Interestingly enough, the percentage further fell when the person being surveyed that family members who used social media and had positive mental health. In the article, Professor Hampton stated that he felt that other studies did not "isolate new tech from youth," and didn't take into account other societal changes, such as the stresses of the global economy and continued breakdown of the nuclear family unit. As a result, increases in levels of…


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Dark mode for mobile phones and tablets is a hot feature that developers are putting into more and more apps. It is essentially an alternative color scheme that puts lighter colored text on a darker colored background instead of dark text on an all white background. Dark mode is easier on your eyes, looks exciting and cool, and uses less battery since your screen doesn’t need to light up as much. Continue on to learn how to enable dark mode on your operating system or in individual applications. iOS 13 Newer iPhones with OLED screens such as the iPhone X, iPhone XS, or iPhone XS Max use less battery since black basically turns those pixels off on the screen. Follow these steps to enable dark mode on iOS 13. 1. Open “Settings.”2. Tap on “Display & Brightness.” 3. Tap “Dark” located under “Appearance” to switch to dark mode. You can…

What is Voice SEO?

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Voice search is popular and is likely to only get more so in the immediate future. This is not surprising given that such searches provide immediate and direct answers to queries and that voice search enables you to conduct searches more naturally. It's simply the virtual equivalent of asking someone a question, which avoids having to type. Most of us can talk faster than we can type. Why Voice Search Is Becoming More PopularYou may have noticed that the machine learning behind voice search keeps getting better. This means that virtual assistants such as Alexa or Siri are correctly understanding ever increasing numbers of questions asked of them. This is followed by them being able to furnish results that more accurately reflect the intention of your search. The dilemma that voice search provides marketers is that when the searcher chooses to hear the result rather than read a list of…


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It's no secret that cryptocurrency has gained wide popularity over the last two years. While a few major coins dominate the market, dozens of smaller coins also play a role in the roller coaster ride that is cryptocurrency. Facebook seems poised to enter the market as well. Facebook Getting in on the Action: GlobalCoin During the first quarter of 2020, Facebook is planning to release its own cryptocurrency, called GlobalCoin. A large team of 60 people have been working on the project internally while keeping a tight seal on the status of the launch. While some are enthusiastic about this new development, others understandably have their reservations. Facebook currently has over 2.3 billion users, all of which could potentially be exposed to GlobalCoin next year. The consumer reach alone increases the chances of GlobalCoin making a huge splash within the cryptocurrency market. Some think it’s too Much One of the…


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Game of Thrones is one of the most popular television series in modern times, and has absolutely dominated ratings since its debut in 2011. “GoT” the cultural and television phenomenon, ran for eight seasons, with the last episode airing last weekend. Social Media are ripe with fan reactions, actors saying their good-byes, and every one chiming in their two cents. The controversial ending received mixed reactions from the viewers. The last two episodes saw a shift on how the series was presented, and the public, some of whom had invested the last 8 years of their life were caught off guard by an unforeseen turn of very dramatic events that no one could have predicted. Although many tried. SPOILER ALERT! (STOP READING IF YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE ANY SPOILERS) During the second to last episode, the series portrayed Daenerys as a Mad Queen, using her dragon to destroy King’s…


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Originally headquartered in Menlo Park, California, Mark Zuckerberg decided to establish new satellite offices in Seattle in order to keep on expanding and growing the number one social network in the world. Some of the engineers working for Facebook have moved to their Seattle office as early as 2010. Through the years, Seattle has become synonymous with coffee and Amazon, the world’s largest online retail company. Facebook chose Seattle because of its primary location and the steady growth of tech companies building their headquarters in the city. When the first group of employees from Facebook moved to Seattle in 2010, there were only a dozen of them. Through the years, the social networking website decided to hire more people to become an official part of the team. Their office in Seattle grew at an incredible pace, and by 2016, the satellite office boasts more than a thousand employees. However, it…
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